Exciting News

I just brought 3 mamas into the nursery today!  Roxy and Abbey have each had one litter, and Jazzy is a new mama, and this will be her first litter.  We should get the potential of ALL colors, as the males are Tri color (Sonny) and Black/Tan (Rocky).    They are due this month, which means we will be having Christmas puppies!!  There is a tiny chance we might make a trip down to California, and could “possibly” go as far south as Magic Mountain, if they are ready around Christmas and we decide to go visit family.  It will depend how many families we have that might be interested in something like that, and what our final Christmas plans look like.

For now, lets hope for safe deliveries, healthy puppies, and attentive mothers.  NO COMPLICATIONS…and the right color/size/gender for everyone currently waiting for their new puppy!!

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