17 New Puppies

All of our October litters have been born!

On Saturday afternoon, Roxy gave birth to 4 beautiful babies. She had a Black F, Blenheim M, Sable/White M, & Black M.


Then, late Monday night Jazzy began to deliver her babies. She gave birth to 5 sable/white females, but continued to have contractions. First thing Tuesday morning, I took her to the vet because I was sure we had a stuck puppy. They did a C-Section and removed an unusually large puppy (the vet said it was twice the size of the other pups in the litter), that indeed was stuck in the birth canal. We are sad to lose the male, but happy that mother and babies are doing well in spite of the complication.

Roxy has 5 sable/white females. The blenheim in this photo is one of Abbey’s pups, that I have since given back to Abbey. While I wanted to lessen Abbeys load, Jazzy just curls into a tight ball, making it hard for an extra puppy to find his place among all those girls. So he’s back with his birth family.


And if the day wasn’t already full of puppy activity, Abbey gave birth, with no complications, to EIGHT gorgeous puppies, 2 of each color, sometime during the day while I was at work! We have 2 Blenheim M, 2 Sable/White F, and one male & female each of the Golden pups and the Solid Sable pups.


All 17 pups are doing well, and they will all be ready just before Christmas, if they will go home at 8 weeks old. Accelerated puppies from these litters will be going home in late January!

I think many of you on the waiting list will find your match in these litters because we have lots of colors and both male and female pups! Please do let me know if you have your eye on any specific puppy!! I also want to know if you prefer to wait for a spring litter and you want to pass on all these babies.

We will be very busy caring for these three litters, plus continuing to take care of the older puppies from the previous litters that we are still training. I will try to update with photos, but basic daily care will be first in our list of priorities! Thanks for understanding.

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  1. How much is the sable and white female puppy and what is the shipping fee I live in El Paso tx. Thanks

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