Today Is The Day!

Roxy and Rocky had their babies!

Three pups are males, sable/white, blenheim, and black, and one of the solid black pups is a female. For those on the waiting list, these babies will be 8 weeks old on December 13th, and 13 weeks old on January 17th.

If you have any interest in these puppies, please send me a note via email. Also, if you KNOW you want to pass on this litter, due to timing, color, or gender, let me know that as well!

The fun begins!!


5 responses to “Today Is The Day!

  1. Hi Silver Paw,

    Your babies are just beautiful. This is Melanie Blawat, I think 10th on the wait list. I would like to wait for a future litter. Looking only for a small female Tri-Color, or Blenheim. Thanks for keeping me on the list. Look forward to a future puppy.

    Melanie Blawat-Ca.

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  2. Hi Kristy

    Congratulations on another adorable litter, I’m on the waiting list and I have decided to be removed from the waiting list due to the fact I now have a Great Dane from my S ister that she was no longer able to keep, so maybe down the road we will get one of your adorable pups.

    Thank you

    Donna Smith

  3. Kristy, My husband and I would like to pick up Penny on November 2. What time would be convenient for you?

    Kara Neary

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