New Videos

Just a quick note to let you know there are new videos on the Pearlie, Abbey, and Chantel pages.  I’m planning to do a new video of the Sophia puppies tomorrow as well.  I’ll probably sneak in another look at the Jesse pups and the last two Justyne pups too.  It’s still super cold here.  Next week it should get a little warmer, into the 30’s!!  We are counting the days until springtime, green grass, and lots of warm sunshine!

One response to “New Videos

  1. interested in the sable and white female from Chantel’s litter; also considering getting 2 puppies so that they have each other to play with. I was thinking of one of these three for the other (my second dog):

    Pearlie’s solid sable male (then they would be brother an sister)
    Chantel’s solid sable female (did you say this was under watch by another owner?)

    I will want your advice on personality. I am not an experienced dog trainer.

    I know that this is a departure from my saying that I wanted to wait for a tri color. I realize that after Marcy it may be a long time before you have anther litter. Please let’s discuss live. My telephone in the office is 415-927-2029 and that is the best place to reach me.

    Amy Unger
    The Alpine Companies
    145 Town Center Drive
    Corte Madera, CA 94925
    Tel: 415-927-2029
    Fax: 415-329-2273

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