Moving on to the Pearlie Litter

Hello again!

Things are happening quickly here so I want to keep everyone updated in real time!  As of yesterday I posted that we still had the Jesse male and female and two females from the Justyne litter.

Today, we had two families from the waiting list reach out and they have now been matched to the golden female and black female from the Justyne litter.  This means that the Justyne litter has been completely matched, and we will move forward to the Pearlie litter for puppy selection.  We still do have the male and female blenheim pups from the Jesse litter and I know there are 2 families out there that will be thrilled to find them available.

If you are on the waiting list, I have been taking notes regarding your preferences for the puppies.  I do want to say that I NEED you to reach out often, especially if we are working on a litter that you have a special interest in.  Since the puppies are all different ages, and several people are wanting to see their personalities, we are not matching all of the puppies super young, under 4 weeks old.  But I will need people to make their decisions by the time puppies are 4-5 weeks old, simply because families are needing to make flight arrangements and they need more than a week or two to make that happen at a decent price.

The Pearlie litter is currently 5 weeks old so we are officially opening up that litter for puppy selection.  If you are on the waiting list and you are interested in a Pearlie pup (there are still 5 pups available) I need to hear from you!  It may seem like I need to hear you say the same thing over and over, but the truth is that people keep changing their minds, so everything is very fluid around here, with things changing day by day, and often hour by hour.  I am also dealing with a LOT of people and a LOT of puppies so the more fresh your email is in front of my eyes, the easier it is for me to keep everything straight!!  It is definitely a challenging process to keep up with all the emails and care of the puppies.

If you are currently deep on the list, I have received your emails, but I am not jumping to answer all of your specific questions simply because the puppy you may be asking about may not be available when I get to your name on the list.  Please know that I am reading all the emails, but I have to use my limited time as carefully as possible.  I will reach out to each of you when it is your turn to choose a puppy, and often I will let you know when there are just a couple people in front of you.  I will answer all of your questions when we know exactly which puppies are available for you to choose from.

Right now I am working with #1 Deb and #2 Rosalie.  They are not looking at Pearlie puppies. We have reached a point where they are wanting more details on the solid sable and sable/white female puppies from the Chantel and Abbey litters, but we are waiting for those litters to get a little older first.  After Rosalie, I will reach out to Trudy H. and Sara J., and then Lauren M.  The puppies are quite young still so we are just watching them grow and I do plan to update all the litter videos this week.  If you are deeper in the waiting list and want to talk about the Pearlie pups, do reach out and send me an email now.

I know this process is agonizingly slow and tedious, but each week matches more puppies to their forever homes and little by little the wait gets shorter!!  I hope this lets everyone know where things stand for now.

As for the Jesse pups, they are available to those on or off the waiting list.  Please send us an email at to learn more about Jesse’s litter.  You can also see the most updated videos of her puppies on the Jesse page which is linked in the right sidebar.  For those leaving questions on the blog in the comments section, please direct them to my email above.  I need all communication in one place in the email, otherwise everything gets out of order and I can’t find conversations I’m having with people.

Happy Winter!  It has certainly hit us hard this week and I’m looking forward to warmer days as soon as possible!! (native California girl here who doesn’t love the cold of winter!!)


One response to “Moving on to the Pearlie Litter

  1. as an ex-teacher & knowing all that entails time-wise, i simply don’t know how you do all of this so well kristy! looking forward to next year about this time – it’s killing me to wait when the pups are SO darling!

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