Who Wants a Blenheim Puppy?

Hey Everyone!

Today I want to focus on the blenheim puppies that we have available at Silver Paw Cavachons.  I especially want to call out to #4 Rachel, and #17 Lily since you both have specified that you are interested in a blenheim colored puppy.  I’ve heard from #22 Kate and know exactly what her 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choices are so I’m wanting to get some details from Rachel and Lily!

We have 4 blenheim females and 4 blenheim males from our current litters.  The Jesse litter, which are the oldest ones has 2 females and 2 males.  As I’ve mentioned in the videos, these puppies are going to be a definite 15-20 lbs and probably toward the mid to higher end of that estimate.

The other litters that have a blenheim female are Pearlie and Chantel.  Each litter now has a page on this blog with photos and/or videos showing the puppies as they’re growing in size.  You can simply click on the mother’s name in the green column on the right to see each litter.  When I pull my blog up on my iPhone I have to scroll down to the bottom and then the information in the sidebars is there.

I specifically would like to know if anyone wanting a blenheim puppy is interested in the Jesse girls or boys.  If you are, please send me an email.  If you’re not, please also let me know that you are a pass on the Jesse litter.  If you have been in communication with me about other colors, you don’t need to let me know you’re a pass on this litter.

I’d also be open to talking with people not on the waiting list, or those that have deposits en route.  The Jesse pups can go home next week and we’d like to see them head that way on time if possible.

I’m still trying to upload the video I took of them yesterday but slow internet has been our plague at every house we’ve ever lived in.  I plan to head to my school today and use the internet there, so check back later today on the Jesse page for new video content.

As you’ll hear in the video, this litter is the happiest, most playful, fun loving quartet of golden/white fur, and they always make me smile when I watch them.  By tomorrow noon, I will be moving forward with the list and matching puppies to #22 Kate and anyone else that inquires about them from this blog post.

Thank you again for all your support and to everyone on the waiting list that has been communicating quickly and clearly with me regarding all of their puppy choices and needs.

Crashed out after all the play in the video!!