Scarlett Puppy Selection Form

Let’s start talking about the Scarlett puppies! There are six of them, two girls and four boys.

Solid Sable Female
Light Golden Female
Light Golden Male
Sable/White Male with spot on head
Sable/White Male small and curly
Sable/White Male

These puppies are F1b. They have a Cavachon mother, Scarlett, and a Bichon Frise dad, Jack Frost.

They were born March 11 and they will be ready to go home May 6-12. Any stay after the 12th of May will incur an extra charge. You will need to make arrangements to come here to pick up your puppy. If that is not possible, we will need to talk.

They will be from 16-24 lbs as adults, or at least that is my best guess. The colors will fade, as is common with most cavachons.

Right now you are just evaluating timeline, color, and gender. We will talk about personality details as they get older.

If you’re on the waiting list, and are interested in being considered for this litter, please fill out the form linked below. It is simple, but it’s also very important that you select every single puppy that you might be interested in taking home.

Puppy selection day for this litter will be Sunday, April 18th. Please put it on your calendar! More details to come.

Please click on this link and fill out the form. You need to know your waiting list number to fill out the form. Your number may have changed since the last time you looked.

If you’re wanting to get on the waiting list, so you can be part of this litter selection, please send us an email at

Have a blessed weekend!

Kristy 😊💕🐶

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