SPC Update

Spring is in the air, the snow has all melted, and my youngest son is building me a new walk path to our house!

We had stepping stones that kept getting grown over with grass resulting in a very bumpy and undefined path, and it was time for a clearer walkway.

My husband scored these bricks from the chimney of an old farm house that sadly burned down. My boys meticulously cleaned them and today is the big day to get them placed in the pathway.

The cats, Bumper, our big orange cat, and his sidekick, Black Kitty, are watching the whole process come together.

But this is not the only new thing happening around here!

We have new puppies! Scarlett had a litter of F1b puppies a couple weeks ago and today is our first look at them! I will be putting up their litter interest link with all the vital information in the next blog post.

SS Female, Light Golden Male & Female, 3 Sable/White Males

Then Pearlie had a small litter of just two pups, a dark solid sable girl and a black boy. I will post their litter post soon.

And then we have Paige. Today might be the day, or more likely in the middle of the night tonight, but she is ready in her whelping space and I can’t wait to see what is inside this huge belly!

She looks very uncomfortable, but she hasn’t started digging yet. It should be very soon!

After this, we’ve had a few more dogs breed, so we are looking toward a very busy spring!

Also, my mom is back home. She stayed with us for 3.5 weeks and everything went very well. I spent some time with her and my sister, which was long overdue. Here’s a quick snap of the three of us at my mom’s house.

Tell me, are you interested in hearing more about my personal life in this blog? Or should we stick to just dogs? I do have a personal blog but it would be easier if everything was all in one place! Let me know!

PS, the path is almost finished!!