Let’s Talk About Buddy

This is Buddy. He’s looking for a new home-AGAIN!

He’s super cute.

He’s like 5 months old and he doesn’t have any manners.

Like this.

He’s been rejected by two families. He’s back at our house. He’s loving, energetic, unsocialized, and looking for someone who can give him boundaries. He’s not too old to turn into a fantastic dog. He’s looking for the right family that can handle him and train him.

I’ll tell you more details on the phone. I’m open to anyone who is not afraid of a little bit of a project. He’s NOT free.

Send me an email if you’d like to be considered. Please title it “Naughty Buddy”. Give me your phone number and why you think you/your family would be a good match.

He’s looking for his people!! 🐶🥰👀

One response to “Let’s Talk About Buddy

  1. Oh the importance of early training and consistency. I hope buddy finds people that can socialize him and make him the perfect dog he can become.

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