Jesse Male Goes Home

We had a surprise adoption this weekend and a local family that was on the waiting list decided they didn’t want to wait for a darker puppy when this boy from the Jesse litter was so perfectly cute and ready to go home now!!

They named him Gryffin and it was love at first sight for everyone!! Gryffin was all wags and kisses and I was gushing about how much this new owner and myself looked alike!!

Meeting all of you is what makes all the work so worth it! I love knowing the puppies are going to homes where they will be loved and adored!!

There is just one Jesse pup still available, the smaller, more colorful female. I’ll try to get a new picture of her. In the meantime, Gryffin and Kate’s large blenheim female had a bath. Enjoy their photos!

It’s time for a bath.

“Whats happening, Mom?”

“Do we have to do this?”

2 responses to “Jesse Male Goes Home

  1. So exciting! My husband says that I will probably just want the first one that breathes puppy breath on me! He’s probably right. They are irresistible!

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