One More Male Cavachon

Ok, we’ve matched all of Jesse’s litter and 4 puppies from Sadie’s litter. There is still one black/white male puppy available. He is available to anyone now who would like more info.

Please send an email to inquire about him. Do not leave a comment in this post. We can be reached at





2 responses to “One More Male Cavachon

  1. Hi

    My name is Rob and am very much interested in talking over the phone, I live in Wenatchee so I am relatively close if I decided to come see him. With that said he could already have a home. If that is the case I would still like to chat sometime. I am already very close to a Cavachon boy named BARNEY that belongs to my parents so I am aware of all the basics. I do have some questions or would value your opinion in regard to potential full grown weight and overall size. The only thing I’m sure of is the breed and size, between 18 – 24 Lbs. My contact info is below, I would appreciate it if you could respond with a contact number and a time frame that is best to speak with you.


    Rob Cannon Cannon Homes LLC Dba CC&D 509 679-6477- Rob 509-885-2079- Summer


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