Solid Sable Female Sadie

I love getting updates from past puppy buyers. Here is Sadie, a solid sable female from 3 years ago!!

“We adopted a Rocky and Roxie pup three years ago in June; she was the solid sable female and the only one left in her litter. We named her Sadie, and she came to us in San Jose, via airplane, on June 15, 2015.

She is the light of our lives and we ADORE her! We hope to adopt another puppy from you in a few years when Sadie is older. We want them to be spaced apart enough that we don’t have them pass on at an old age at the same time. Sadie sleeps on our beds, sits next to us on all the couches, and is the sweetest dog we could ask for. She is smart and has learned many commands. Our daughters, now 12 and 14, are her best buddies.

All of us love the videos you post of your pups! They make our day.

Hope all is well, A & family”

As you can see the solid sable does lighten up, but they usually keep a bit of black on their ears. We are excited to be expecting another Roxy and Rocky litter this month!!

Retired Breeders

Friday I rehomed 6 of our beloved breeder dogs and officially retired them from our breeding program. I took a last photo of each dog. The new owners shared a few things.


Vanna, large Bichon female…larger than life, happy, and friendly.


Mosely, Bichon male. “He’s a hoot! He tries to guard his space some, but immediately submits if he is called on it”!



Harmony & R.B., female and male Shihtzus…like frolicking puppies!


Sebastian, male Shihtzu. I just have to say that because he was not even 2 years old, it was very difficult to let him go. He made my Shichon puppies. “He’s like Eyeore, but he’s pulling at my heart strings”!!


Molly, Tri female Cavalier…she’s adjusting well and making herself right at home.

Many of you have puppies from these wonderful parents! Know that they are all in great homes and being spoiled rotton (in a good way, of course)!!

We are almost done with our kennel reduction project. We have 6 more adults, 2 female ShihTzu, 1 female Bichon, and 3 male Bichons that are still looking for their forever homes.

Sophia AKC Cavalier

Introducing Sophia, a Tri color Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. She is AKC registered and all of about 12 lbs. She is nursing her very first litter right now and doing a splendid job! She is petit and sweet, and the daughter of Tina (retired) and Skippy. She wasn’t overly thrilled about being away from her babies for a photo session, but she did pretty good. Here she is!





Calypso a White Shichon

I am really excited to share these photos of Calypso with everyone. He was from our very first litter of white Shichons, with Pearlie Girl and Hurley as his parents. He is about 5 years old now and his family has kept in touch and sent me pictures as he has grown. I think he is just a stunning dog, and wanted everyone to see him because we have 3 puppies that will look like him someday! The current litter has the same mother and a Bichon father as well.

Here he is….Calypso!!


















Chloe – Bichon Frise

This is Chloe, one of our very first Bichon Frise females that we adopted into our kennel.  She is on the smaller side, fun loving, playful, and a true escape artist!  She is affectionate and sweet.  We hope she is pregnant with AKC Bichon Frise puppies, as this is her last litter, and we’d love to keep a puppy to carry on Chloe’s wonderful personality and temperment.  These pictures are especially for Lynda and her daughters as they have a Chloe puppy and have been waiting ever so patiently for me to post pictures of their Bayley’s mama!  So, Lynda and girls, here she is!!!  Enjoy!













She’s a wiggler!



Yeah, her haircut is pretty short!







Molly and Me

Molly is one of the sweetest girls ever!! She is from our beloved Lucy Lou and Spencer, and a puppy that we bred, raised, and kept. She is an amazing mother and she produces lovely babies with wonderful temperaments. She is due any day and I can’t wait to see what color Cavachons she has baking in that big belly of hers!!


Look at her big belly, all shaved and ready for puppies to nurse!



As a puppy, and even now, she has the perfect markings on her face!







She’s a total cuddler!



She’s one of my favorite mamas!!

Mindy – Adult Black Cavachon

I want everyone to see how beautiful an adult black Cavachon can be!  Jodie has shared this picture of her dog Mindy.  Krystle is the mother of both Mindy as well as the little black Cavachon puppy in the previous posts.


Mindy is quite the celebrity as she has met Cesar Millan and been featured in a puppy training segment at one of his live shows in Canada!!