Update on Hamilton

How exciting to get this update on Hamilton, from Maggie’s “Gone With the Wind” litter! He was an older pup when he went home, but not officially “Accelerated”, so it’s wonderful to hear that he meshed into the family so completely even as an older puppy!

He was the smallest little guy from one of our most colorful litters. Here is an update from his family!

Hi Kristy,

I’ve been meaning to send this email for some time, so this is long overdue.

We can’t tell you enough how much we LOVE our Hamilton! He has been a joy to us and the people who come into our home.

Hamilton came to us at the right time…on October 22, 2012 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and three days later we picked Hamilton up at the airport. While there was a brief moment of questioning if we should still be getting a dog, I said absolutely; he has given us something else to focus on, to care for, to play with, to laugh with.

It’s amazing how smart, calm, and easy going he is. We just returned from vacation and while we were gone we boarded him at our vets office (which also happens to be our friend and neighbor), Hamilton came home and fell right back into his routine without missing a beat!

All our neighbors love this little guy, and some have said when it’s time for them to get a dog they want one just like Hamilton!

Thank you for giving us such a fabulous breed, we love our Hamilton.


Debbie C



Black Cavachons

The Beauty of a Black Cavachon! The third rarest color, behind the Tri and Black & Tan is the Black Cavachon. With hair that looks almost velvet like, the Black Cavachons truly do have a beauty all their own!



We currently have 3 beautiful black Cavachon puppies in the Lilly litter. They will be small. Please remember how beautiful they can be!

Thank you Jodie for these amazing pictures of Mindy!

A Post For Karyn

This post is for Karyn to see the different female black puppies! Enjoy and let me know your thoughts!

Black & White girl from Sadie’s litter.



Little Black Girl from Lilly’s litter.




The other black/white female from Sadie’s litter.



Video of just the little black girl!

Karyn, please give me a call so we can talk in detail about each puppy, expected adult weight, etc.


Maggie & Ricky’s Cavachon Puppies

Born June 7, 2012

There are 6 puppies in this litter! All are the most rare colors!!

We plan to keep either Scarlet or Rhett. We will make our final decision when the puppies are 6-7 weeks old. All the others are available for deposit now.


Black & Tan


Black & Tan


Scarlet & Rhett


Solid Sable








Hamilton & Clayton

Please remember that it is very difficult to photograph black puppies. They are much cuter in person!

Maggie’s New Litter

Introducing Maggie & Ricky’s new Cavachon puppies, born June 7, 2012.

There are 6 puppies in the litter.

Black/Tan Girl – Scarlet
Black/Tan Boy – Rhett
Black Boy – Clayton
Black Boy – Hamilton
Solid Sable Boy – Charles
Solid Apricot Boy – Ashley


Maggie is resting with her babies! This is her second litter. She is a great mom!


After retiring Krystle & Vanna, Maggie is my largest female Bichon. She weighs around 17 lbs.


The puppies!! Sooo cute, dew claws already removed. I did it myself! First time and it went really well (Daryl has always done it in the past).

These puppies will be ready for new homes after August 2nd.


Here is the regal father, Ricky. He is OFA certified! He is a hefty 25 lbs!!

Sadie & Pookie Bear Go To The Groomers


Last November, Lilly & Pujo had a litter of Cavachon puppies.  “Sadie” was one of those puppies.  We have had her here, all this time, waiting for her to get a forever home.  I am happy to announce that she will be going home to Oregon on Sept. 11th! 

In preparation for her new home, Sadie needed a haircut!  The Cavachon coat is one that DOES need grooming, and Sadie had not been groomed at all, except for a bath here and there.  As a result, her coat was thick, wooly, and had some mats, so it was time for Sadie to see the groomers.

Here are a few “before” pictures of Sadie!


On this day, she had a “top-knot”, but not the cute kind with a bow on her head!  This was just a spontaneous “clump”! 


This is Sadie & Pookie Bear (the little guy) with Princess.  They had so much fun playing together!



Sadie, looking like a dog in a winter coat!


And this is Sadie after her haircut!  She looked so different, that when I walked into the groomers to pick her up, I saw Pookie and 2 small black dogs, and didn’t even recognize her!  One of those “small” dogs was Sadie!!



I just knew she would be grey underneath!


She’s so cute in her bows!


She still has the white patch on her chest, and a bit on her chin!


Her coat is so velvety.  It was like a carpet when vacuumed one direction, it’s one color, and then when going the other direction, the color changes. 


Sadie looks so elegant here with her paws crossed!

I’m sure that as her hair grows out again, it will get darker.  Somehow coats do that.  You’ll see with Pookie Bear’s coat below, how when it’s really short, it looks really light, but as it grows in, it gets darker again. 


Another view of the variations in color!


She is a happy girl and ready to meet her new parents!


Now, here is a picture of Pookie Bear, “before”.  We had groomed him ourselves not too long ago, so he looked pretty good already when he went to the groomers.  Notice how his coat is a nice honey brown color here.


He is such a cute boy, and small, and looking for a forever home! 


Here he is after going to the groomers! 


He looks almost cream-colored.  But I know from experience, that as his coat grows, that honey color will come back.  Pookie has been groomed several times professionally, and the color always comes back on his coat!


He’s so cute in his bandana!


He is a sweet boy, crate trained, rides in the car without getting sick, and loves going for walks!



His face actually has a bit of grey/black on it.  You can really see it in the “before” photo of him!


He loved being at the park getting his picture taken!


Krystle’s Black Female Has A Home

I am so happy that this little black girlie has found a forever home! She’s not ready to go home quite yet, but when she does, I know she will be well loved!

A little over a year ago, a family came to me wanting to get a pup into Hawaii! Since Hawaii has VERY strict rules about dogs, this ventured required quite a time committment, but B was willing to keep the pup, train it, get all the proper shots done here on the mainland, and finally, after around 8-9 months, the puppy was able to go home to B’s mother in Hawaii. So we have a wonderful little Cavachon in Hawaii, as a result of all B’s efforts!

Well, sending the pup off, while that was the original plan and purpose, left a hole in B’s home, so she’s decided that another pup, one for her and her family to keep, is in order! Even though they’re in the middle of moving, they’ve decided that Krystle’s black female is the pup for them, so sometime in September, this little treasure will be going home to a family that has already raised one Cavachon successfully! I’m so happy!


Black dogs are always very difficult to photograph. They either look pale and washed out, or they are so dark you can’t see their eyes. I haven’t learned the secrets and tricks of photographing a black dog yet, so when I get a picture, where you can actually see the puppy’s eyes, it’s a keeper, even if my foot is in it.


This puppy is full of adventure! She didn’t mind meeting Princess at all, and just let her sniff and sniff all she wanted!


I decided to put her in the flower pot. I thought the purple flowers might be a nice contrast to her black coat!


I guess it worked, sort of!

I’m happy to be working with B again, and know this puppy is going to a wonderful home!!


Photo Credit:  The younger son

Mindy – Adult Black Cavachon

I want everyone to see how beautiful an adult black Cavachon can be!  Jodie has shared this picture of her dog Mindy.  Krystle is the mother of both Mindy as well as the little black Cavachon puppy in the previous posts.


Mindy is quite the celebrity as she has met Cesar Millan and been featured in a puppy training segment at one of his live shows in Canada!!