Update on Hamilton

How exciting to get this update on Hamilton, from Maggie’s “Gone With the Wind” litter! He was an older pup when he went home, but not officially “Accelerated”, so it’s wonderful to hear that he meshed into the family so completely even as an older puppy!

He was the smallest little guy from one of our most colorful litters. Here is an update from his family!

Hi Kristy,

I’ve been meaning to send this email for some time, so this is long overdue.

We can’t tell you enough how much we LOVE our Hamilton! He has been a joy to us and the people who come into our home.

Hamilton came to us at the right time…on October 22, 2012 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and three days later we picked Hamilton up at the airport. While there was a brief moment of questioning if we should still be getting a dog, I said absolutely; he has given us something else to focus on, to care for, to play with, to laugh with.

It’s amazing how smart, calm, and easy going he is. We just returned from vacation and while we were gone we boarded him at our vets office (which also happens to be our friend and neighbor), Hamilton came home and fell right back into his routine without missing a beat!

All our neighbors love this little guy, and some have said when it’s time for them to get a dog they want one just like Hamilton!

Thank you for giving us such a fabulous breed, we love our Hamilton.


Debbie C



2 responses to “Update on Hamilton

  1. Hamilton is adorable. Cavachons are the best. Mine is Parker and he also come to me during my treatment for breast cancer. What a blessing.

  2. That sweet boy looks exactly like my sweet boy Allister from Lillys and Colbys litter in Oct 2012. I had to look a few times as even their little white paws are the same!

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