Big Day For Louis

Our house is bustling with visitors and Louis is the center of attention, at least from our little visitors.


He loves the kids and let the little girl brush him and hold him and play with him till she finally had to stop because it was time for lunch.

After lunch I had to go to town and Louis got to go with me. He’s a great little traveler and just settles right in.


He is so pretty I forget that he’s on a girly bed:))

Double Checking

We’ve had a flurry of emails recently and I want to be sure I haven’t missed anyone. This is the current waiting list.

1. Joni, CA – Black/White F, Sadie Litter?
2. Rita, CA – Sable/White F, Future Litter
3. Lisa, CA – Very small pup, Future Litter
4. Holly, NY – Black or Black/Tan M, Future Litter
5. Sheri, WA – Sable/White or Blenheim F, Future Litter
6. Brantley, NC – Accelerated Pup, F, Future Litter
7. Tita, CA – Tri or Sable/White, October
8. Jaime, WA – Future Litter
9. Coral, WA – Future Female

1. Toni, NY – Louis, Accelerated Puppy
2. Melissa, Cypress – Sable/White F, Lilly Litter
3. Caitlin – Sable/White F, Lilly Litter
4. Amy – Black/White M, Sadie Litter

If you don’t see your name on the list and you want it to he there, please contact us so we can give you our address info for where to send the $250 deposit.

We still have 2 black/white male Cavachon pups from Sadie’s litter available, plus a new litter coming from Daisy, not to mention 2 gorgeous Bichon Frise males and 2 Cavalier King Charles females.

It’s gearing up to be a busy summer with many families bringing a new little someone into their homes. If your home is one of them but I’ve missed adding you, please let me know via email. Thanks!

Waiting List/Puppy Availability Update

Thanks to everyone who responded to my last post about the Waiting List and let me know exactly what they wanted.  At this point, it’s looking like all 3 males from Sadie’s litter are still available for adoption, after talking to almost everyone on the waiting list.  I’d like to hear from Jaime still, and to anyone new looking at our website, we have 3 beautiful black/white Cavachon male puppies that are available for adoption from Sadie’s litter.  They are pictured just below this post.  We have 2 male Bichon Frise puppies, pictured a few posts ago, so scroll down a bit to see their photos, and we have 2 Black/Tan Cavalier King Charles Females that are ready for adoption now.  I will work on updating all the photos this weekend of the Bichon and Cavalier puppies.

As for upcoming litters, we definitely have Daisy & Pujo (Black/Tan) expecting a litter June 24th, and we are hoping that Jesse & Sonny did their magic and she will be having babies in July.  She is a first time mom, so I have no idea what to expect for litter size or puppy size.  I do know she could produce Tri, Black/White, Sable/White, or Blenheim puppies.

It is a great summer so far!  Louis, our Accelerated Puppy is pretty much potty trained to his Porch Potty, and he is sleeping in the crate at night with no accidents.  He walks on the leash nicely and rides in the car like a champ, in or out of his crate.  He will be neutered soon, receive his Rabies vaccination and 4th puppy booster shot, get micro chipped, wormed, and be ready to ship to New York City mid July.  He is a bundle of energy and craziness and I’ll post some photos of his trip to the lake soon as well.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions, whether you’re on the waiting list, or thinking about taking that step.  Cavachons are wonderful family companions, working with any type of family, and they are well-loved by their owners, with me often hearing….”This is the BEST dog we’ve ever owned!!”.  Hope to hear from you all soon!  Kristy

Sadie’s Litter

Here they are! All four puppies are doing well, eating and growing, and getting cuter each day.

Girl on the left (Misha), with the thin blaze of white and the rest are boys, still needing names.

All have good color all over their bodies. One of the boys has a little more white than the others.

The boys.

The girl.

I love this age!! Soo cute:)

Checking In

Hi Everyone (especially those on the waiting list)!!

I’m checking in just to get an idea about who is interested in black/white puppies. Sadie has 4 pups, a female and 3 males. I have a good idea what many of you want specifically, but I am posting this hoping to hear from you to confirm interest.

Please take a minute to look at your name on the waiting list and let me know if what I have listed is correct. If you could also let me know your level of interest in Sadie’s litter, that would be super too.

We are hoping for a new litter in July from Daisy, and another in August from a new mom named Jesse. These two litters are not yet confirmed though.
I will post new pictures of Sadie’s litter tomorrow (Friday). They are doing well, were dew clawed, and their eyes are barely starting to open.

Would love to hear from each of you soon. I get emails daily from new people and I need to know if any of Sadie’s pups might be available to them. At this point I’m not sure what to tell them.

Thanks again for your support and for loving our puppies, and for patiently waiting for your new family member:)