Double Checking

We’ve had a flurry of emails recently and I want to be sure I haven’t missed anyone. This is the current waiting list.

1. Joni, CA – Black/White F, Sadie Litter?
2. Rita, CA – Sable/White F, Future Litter
3. Lisa, CA – Very small pup, Future Litter
4. Holly, NY – Black or Black/Tan M, Future Litter
5. Sheri, WA – Sable/White or Blenheim F, Future Litter
6. Brantley, NC – Accelerated Pup, F, Future Litter
7. Tita, CA – Tri or Sable/White, October
8. Jaime, WA – Future Litter
9. Coral, WA – Future Female

1. Toni, NY – Louis, Accelerated Puppy
2. Melissa, Cypress – Sable/White F, Lilly Litter
3. Caitlin – Sable/White F, Lilly Litter
4. Amy – Black/White M, Sadie Litter

If you don’t see your name on the list and you want it to he there, please contact us so we can give you our address info for where to send the $250 deposit.

We still have 2 black/white male Cavachon pups from Sadie’s litter available, plus a new litter coming from Daisy, not to mention 2 gorgeous Bichon Frise males and 2 Cavalier King Charles females.

It’s gearing up to be a busy summer with many families bringing a new little someone into their homes. If your home is one of them but I’ve missed adding you, please let me know via email. Thanks!