Meet Toby, born 3-14-08, a male Bichon Frise, available for adoption.

He needs to be groomed, but under all this musty fluff is the most loving and affectionate dog!! He was neutered last winter and has been living in our back yard and house for the past week.

Whenever he is in the house, he weasels his way on my lap, or gets as close to me as he possibly can.

So far, he has never lifted his leg and I’m sure it’s because he was a house dog before he came to live with us. His adoption fee is $250 which will cover a teeth cleaning, professional grooming, and get him current on all his shots, including his rabies shot. If the new owner wants to take care of everything, Toby would be free to the new home.

He is crate trained and sleeps willingly in his crate at night, but I’m sure he would be perfectly happy to share someone’s bed!!

Let me know if you might be interested in Toby. He is medium sized and probably weighs a solid 16 lbs.


*All transportation costs will be covered by the buyer*


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Front & Center (Accelerated Puppy Louis)

Louis is getting the royal treatment. He has all but taken over our kitchen with center stage in the busiest room of our house.

This is how it should be:). He is going to NYC, and from what I remember from my visit in the late 80’s/early 90’s, it is a bustling place full of activity and noise and people.

We’re taking Louis everywhere with us to get him used to as many people and situations as possible.


He seems to be doing very well in his puppy safe zone.  He is learning to use his new turf litter box and that transition is going well.  He has never had a poop accident, and just 2 pee accidents, so he has a pretty good record considering his age.  I do have to spray Bitter Apple on the edges of his turf every day to discourage him from chewing on it.



He has several toys to play with in his space.  He is beginning to chew on his antler that his NY mama sent him, and he readily plays with the other toys she sent.  I have a couple of bully sticks for him as well, and a little plushy toy bone that he throws in the air and chases.  He also has a tennis ball and loves chasing that around.






I have been feeding him exclusively out of the red Kong ball, just visible in the bottom corner of his Iris Pen in the above photo.  This requires him to use his brain to eat, and makes the process interesting and gives him something to do.  When I’m not in the kitchen with him, he goes in his crate and I close the door.  This is so important.  Puppies really should not be left unattended, even in their puppy safe zone (unless overnight, or gone for an extended amount of time), because they can still get into trouble doing things like chewing the litter box, the edges of their crate, or having pee or poop accidents and then walking through it.  Even now as I’m typing, he’s chewing on the tag that’s on the white bath mat/bed in his open space.

At night, I have been crating him and getting up somewhere around 1-3 am to let him potty.  This part of the process is quite intense and leaves me somewhat sleep deprived, but he will be well-trained when he goes home, and that is my goal!!  I maybe should put a disclaimer here–I will have gone through all the motions to get him well-trained, whether or not he learns his lessons, well, that depends on each individual puppy!

So far, he hasn’t been too active or wanting to get out of his space.  The way it’s set up with just two sides kinda pushed up against the wall, isn’t exactly the most sturdy of set ups, but because he’s not free, even within his space, unless I’m actually in the room, it has been working so far.

I’m liking the new litter box.  It’s not messy like the pellets can be.  He was raised on pellets, so seeing him make a successful transition has been very rewarding.  A grass turf system like this seems to work with one older puppy/dog, but with a litter of puppies, it could get pretty messy if they walk in their poop and squish it into the grass.  This is another key reason I am always nearby when he’s walking around.  If he poops, I can grab it immediately, and there is no chance for him to squish it into the grass, which believe me (as I have lots of experience), is super gross, and a cleaning nightmare.

Thank you Toni (his new mama in NYC) for sending us his litter box and toys.  He is doing very well at this point, and things should only keep getting better with time.  He can walk on the leash now, and completely can ride in the car without getting car sick.  Check.  Check.

July is going to be here before we know it!

New Puppies & Other Updates

This is a quick update to let everyone know Lilly & Skippy had their puppies. I will post pictures soon. We have 2 beautifully marked sable/white females, that’s it. I am happy because the puppies are healthy and look nice and fat. I am super disappointed because we needed a big litter for everyone waiting to bring their puppy home in July. But it is what it is, and I can’t do anything about it.

In other news, Bella finally went home to Iowa. We had to try twice. Apparently, when the pilot comes to the aircraft, he does one final check of everything, including the hold where animals will travel. He discovered that the oxygen was not working on Friday’s flight, so Bella was sent back to the cargo office, and we picked her up from the airport. We tried again Saturday morning and Bella made it safely home to Iowa with no complications.

We still have Louis, our blenheim male puppy that is being Accelerated. His final home will be New York City! He went with me last night to the activity at my kids’ school, and got a taste of what life looks like with lots of people and noise and commotion. He did great! He will have many more opportunities to get used to the bustle of life as we are taking him everywhere with us. He slept in his crate last night as well, and successfully went outside this morning and peed and pooped. He laid with me on the couch for a while, then I crated him and went to the nursery to check on Lilly’s girls. When I got back, Louis had pooped in his crate. Bad Boy. So the process continues with some successes and some failures. It’s all part of the process. His special litter box came in the mail and I am going to set it up today and get him started on it. He will be using the Porch Potty at his new home, so we are training him to use the travel version now.

Princess, one of our Bichon girls is very preggo and should deliver Bichon Frise puppies in the next week or so. She is in the nursery and we are hoping for a great delivery with 3-5 puppies. The males from the litter will be available for adoption in July.

And finally, we have 2 black/tan Cavalier female puppies that will be available for adoption soon. They will be for pet homes only, so please inquire only if you plan to have them spayed. Stay tuned for photos of all this news. Happy Mother’s Day to everyone!