Meet Toby, born 3-14-08, a male Bichon Frise, available for adoption.

He needs to be groomed, but under all this musty fluff is the most loving and affectionate dog!! He was neutered last winter and has been living in our back yard and house for the past week.

Whenever he is in the house, he weasels his way on my lap, or gets as close to me as he possibly can.

So far, he has never lifted his leg and I’m sure it’s because he was a house dog before he came to live with us. His adoption fee is $250 which will cover a teeth cleaning, professional grooming, and get him current on all his shots, including his rabies shot. If the new owner wants to take care of everything, Toby would be free to the new home.

He is crate trained and sleeps willingly in his crate at night, but I’m sure he would be perfectly happy to share someone’s bed!!

Let me know if you might be interested in Toby. He is medium sized and probably weighs a solid 16 lbs.


*All transportation costs will be covered by the buyer*


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3 responses to “Toby

  1. Hi. can you please tell me more about Toby? How did he come to live with you? Does he have any illnesses like diabetes etc? Does he get along with other dogs? Is he an alpha or more of a submissive.  Thanks for your time. Ruth

    • I purchased Toby and a female named Princess as a breeding pair a couple years ago. He has fathered a few litters for me and I have been happy with him overall.

      In an effort to downsize and streamline, I decided to get Toby neutered because he was not registered with AKC, but with another registry. He is a lovely dog.

      I have no reason to believe he has any diseases.

  2. Christy – We still have been looking on and off for a dog for some time now. We were just looking at a rescue dog out of Seattle, but it’s not the best timing for us as we are going to Disneyland June 4 th – 12th. So I have a few questions about Toby. It sounds like he hasn’t been your dog forever? How long have you had him? So have you had him in the house and he doesn’t have any accidents (potty)? We don’t have a doggy door, so I’m wondering if he holds it until he wants out? We have an 11 year old son, so does Toby get along with children? We also have an outdoor only cat. Has Toby been around cats & how does he do with other dogs? So he’s a little over 5 years old…any additional information about him would be great. If we were to get him, we’d have to wait until after we returned from vacation. Thanks, Julie (Pt. Orchard, WA)

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