Love hearing how the puppies are doing after they go home! Here is an update on Stella…

Hi Kristy!

I played this video and Stella perked right up and watched intently when she heard your voice. She actually licked the screen of my iPad! Weird.

Anyway, we wanted to let you know she is sooo great. So affectionate and sweet. She is 5 months now and weighs about 6 pounds. She loves to play, go for walks, car rides, bike rides, etc. She is completely potty trained and has been really easy to train in other ways as well. She is super smart!

The only fault we have found is that she is a tremendous digger! She can dig a hole faster than any dog I’ve ever seen! We haven’t been able to stop that yet, mainly because my husband thinks its “cute”. I have attached a recent picture.

Take care! J


Stella loves to sleep on her back.

First haircut!

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