Kenzie Litter Photos

We are trying to wrap things up for the Kenzie litter. Here are the 4 pups. There are side shots of them on Our Facebook page as well.

Black & White Male. He has been selected.

The following are the females. We are waiting for one family to choose between these girls and then the other two will be available. If you’re on the waiting list and are interested in these pups, please let me know. The whole litter should be from 12-14 lbs as adults.

Blenheim female

Golden female

Mostly white female

There are videos of these puppies on Facebook.

11 responses to “Kenzie Litter Photos

  1. Hi Kristy, I’m still very interested in the golden female from Kenzie’s litter if she is still available. I completed your online wait list form today. Please let me know where to mail deposit check. Thanks so much, Julie Forburger

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  2. Hi Kristy,

    We definitely want the golden female puppy.

    Looking forward to seeing you on the 12th – tickets booked.


    Claudia and Brooke

  3. I am interested in the little golden girl. I am not currently on the waiting list nut can Pay Pal your deposit at any time.

    • Hi Carol,
      That sweet girl is definitely going to someone on our current waiting list. She has attracted a lot of attention and there are two very interested families at this point. Let me know via email if you’re interested in getting on our waiting list for a different puppy.

      • Yes, I am interested in a female puppy. I do have a question about breeding practices. I noticed a litter of puppies that were born or available in July 2017 have the same mother as a litter that are viewing now.
        Do you breed your bitches every cycle? If so, for how many years? Are the mothers and fathers available for viewing? I am, obviously, concerned about “puppy farm” breeding practices.
        I apologize if my questions are offensive , but I am concerned about the health of breeding stock as well as any puppy I might select.


      • Hi Carol
        We have 11 active female Bichons and 6 active Cavalier males. We do breed every heat cycle while the bitch is between ages 1.5-5. Depending on their heat cycles, this will translate 1 or two litters in a 12 month period and since dogs rarely are like clockwork with a heat cycle every 6 months on the dot, it’s usually one litter in a year, then 2 the next year, and it rotates like that. There is a lot of research to support an active uterus while a dog is at the breeding age as there can be complications when the uterus is not in use.
        Every dog is evaluated individually when we decide if we will breed them or not.

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