We are extremely busy here and waist deep in puppies. Our first priority is the daily care of our dogs which can be quite time consuming when we have several litters (which is what we are dealing with right now).

I’d like to ask that you use email to ask questions and discuss the puppy selection process, especially if you aren’t yet on the waiting list. I’ve mentioned this before, but with all the different social media outlets it’s nearly impossible for me to keep up with and even see every question that is posted on FB, Instagram, and the blog. I will respond via email because I am able to keep it organized there and I generally don’t miss communication there (though I have been known to have an email get buried before I was able to answer it).

Please be patient as there are 29 people on the current waiting list with around 5 more in the mail. Many have questions, want videos or photos, and want detailed descriptions of puppy personalities. This all takes time.

If you are on the waiting list and we have been communicating via FB, that is ok. Sometimes I will transition someone to FB when we are actively communicating about their puppy selection.

For those just getting started, I need all communication to be via email. You can reach me at:

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