Big Day For Louis

Our house is bustling with visitors and Louis is the center of attention, at least from our little visitors.


He loves the kids and let the little girl brush him and hold him and play with him till she finally had to stop because it was time for lunch.

After lunch I had to go to town and Louis got to go with me. He’s a great little traveler and just settles right in.


He is so pretty I forget that he’s on a girly bed:))

2 responses to “Big Day For Louis

  1. Love seeing Louis. He reminds of Mickey, so willing to do everything, loves the grand children, and was just like that, very at ease, in his crate in the car (now he rides – unsafely I know – in my lap). He LOVES to go to bed each night because it means getting into his big crate. I washed his bedding the other day and he was quite excited to see it get put back into his night crate. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

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