Last Available Bichon

Reposting this as we still have this gorgeous and fun male puppy looking for his forever home!

We have just one Bichon Frise Male puppy still available. His brother went home this morning to be the 2nd pup to a family with a female Cavachon. He’s going to make a perfect little brother.

This pup could be a little brother too, or maybe just “the man of the house”! His personality is spunky and fun and he’s ready to go anytime!


He is very attentive and ready to be in the middle of whatever is happening!


He is also very sweet and affectionate! Who could resist this face?

“Oreo Gets Settled”

It didn’t take long for the second puppy to make himself at home:). Enjoy this quick update from Oreo’s family.

Hi Kristy,

As you can see these two pups didn’t mind each others company at all. We introduced Razzel, the older dog, to Oreo, the puppy, the way you told us to. Then we put the puppy in his pen area for a little while and then let them have time together in the living room. I think they are instant buddies.

Thanks for another great puppy.