Last Available Bichon

Reposting this as we still have this gorgeous and fun male puppy looking for his forever home!

We have just one Bichon Frise Male puppy still available. His brother went home this morning to be the 2nd pup to a family with a female Cavachon. He’s going to make a perfect little brother.

This pup could be a little brother too, or maybe just “the man of the house”! His personality is spunky and fun and he’s ready to go anytime!


He is very attentive and ready to be in the middle of whatever is happening!


He is also very sweet and affectionate! Who could resist this face?

Teenage Puppies Going Home

It looks like the last 3 October Cavachons will all be flying home this week. Two will go to Sacramento, and one to Seattle!

This will leave just the little Bichon Boy all by his lonesome-ness. I can offer discounted shipping for him to Sacramento on Tuesday, and to Seattle on Thursday.

He is a lovely little pup, totally current on all shots and worming. His price is $750 plus $225 shipping. Let me know ASAP if you’re interested!


Here he is hanging out in our puppy safe zone! He’s a champ with the doggie door and using the litter box on the back porch. He can be crated for several hours at a time and he loves belly rubs, his bully stick, and playing with his puppy friends!

Male Bichon Puppy Available

Oh no! We’ve just received word that the family lined up to adopt this beautiful puppy will not be able to get him. He is being Accelerated and lives in the house with us. He is AKC registered and will be around 14-16 lbs as an adult. He is loving and fun, enjoys belly rubs, uses the doggie door and litter box, and is actively being crate trained. He will be a wonderful companion!





He is a ball of white fluff! It was night when I took his photos and the lights make him look kinda yellow.

Rosie & Toby’s Puppies Are 6 Weeks Old

We are happy to announce the arrival of Rosie & Toby’s


Born October 27, 2011.

There are 3 puppies in this litter, and all three puppies are males.

They will be ready to go to their new homes around December 22nd.


Introducing Sebastian…a White Bichon Frise Male.


Introducing Jean-Luc…a White & Cream Bichon Frise Male.

Reserved for Selection.



Introducing Pierre…White & Buff Bichon Frise Male.

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Chloe – Bichon Frise

This is Chloe, one of our very first Bichon Frise females that we adopted into our kennel.  She is on the smaller side, fun loving, playful, and a true escape artist!  She is affectionate and sweet.  We hope she is pregnant with AKC Bichon Frise puppies, as this is her last litter, and we’d love to keep a puppy to carry on Chloe’s wonderful personality and temperment.  These pictures are especially for Lynda and her daughters as they have a Chloe puppy and have been waiting ever so patiently for me to post pictures of their Bayley’s mama!  So, Lynda and girls, here she is!!!  Enjoy!













She’s a wiggler!



Yeah, her haircut is pretty short!