Bobby Gets a Haircut

Bobby was looking a little scraggly.


All his hairs had little wispy ends on them.


So I took him to the groomer to get a little “trim”. They cut him a little shorter than what I was thinking, but hair grows back, and on Cavachons, it grows back fast! I still think he’s as cute as ever!




Today In The Dogs…

1. Maggie had babies.

2. Brought Lilly down to the nursery as she was big as a barn.

3. Brought Princess down to the nursery as she was big as a barn also!

4. Hurley went to the groomer.

5. Teddy II went to the groomer.

6. Male ShihTzu puppy went to the groomer.

7. Tiny female Shichon got her Health Certificate.

8. Made plane reservation for tiny Shichon to fly to Seattle tomorrow.

9. Made plane reservation for male Malshi to fly to Denver on Friday.

10. Picked up Sophie from the vet. She was spayed yesterday.

11. Picked up Tiny Tim from the vet. He was neutered yesterday.

12. Drove home with 6 puppies/dogs in my car.

13. Still need to give 8 puppy shots.

14. Still need to do the evening cleaning of the nursery.

….and this is just the dog stuff. There was school transportation, laundry, kids, and chores besides!! Thankful for the energy and health to do all this though, and thankful for the work to keep me active!


Male ShihTzu ready for his new home.

A Few More From The Groomers

What a surprise to run into another Cavachon at the groomer!  This girl was a Ruby puppy, that has kept some color on her ears and back, but faded to a beautiful creamy red color!  It’s always fun to see what a breed of puppy will look like as an adult!



She was a lovely dog!



And of course, can’t forget about Molly & Braden.  I forgot that I had taken these snaps as well! 



Molly on the left, Braden on the right!


Oh goodness, it just doesn’t get any cuter than this!!!