Crippled Garden

The garden seems to be hibernating.  The weather has been cold, cloudy, and drizzly.  When these pictures were taken, this was the ONLY sunny day, sandwiched between gloomy and cool weather.  Since we had put plants into the ground, and especially the warm weather loving plants, like the tomatoes and peppers, nothing had grown a bit.  For 3 weeks, things just sat, looked ill, cold, and very unhappy.  It’s warm now, so I’m really hoping there is still time for things to ripen up before the first frost in late September or early October.

 Kids are weeding the corn.  Tomatos are on the left, path of lettuce volunteers, elephant garlic, and the regular lettuce patch on the right.  Beyond the kids is one patch of beans.

 Lettuce, peppers, a bed that our neighbor is using, and more garlic beyond that.

 Potato patch is coming along nicely.  I think we have 4 x 92 ft of potatoes planted this year.

 Peas are fairly happy despite the cold weather.

 We never harvested the garlic last year, so it’s a very full patch this year.  I’m not sure what to expect when we dig it up.  And don’t ask me what we’re going to do with all that garlic.  I don’t know.

 Raspberries almost ready to blossom.  Hoping the wasps won’t be too bad this year.  We always have to compete with them for the berries.  Normally, we win, but it’s much nicer when there aren’t so many of them!

 First Strawberries.  I need to go up there again and soon.  This picture was taken a week ago, so there must be enough for a small breakfast bowl by now.

 Strawberry patch is scary big…4 x 46 ft, times 5 rows.  Once they start, we’ll have berries all summer.  I”m looking forward to having a freezer full of frozen strawberries and jars of strawberry jam in my pantry! Now that the sun is shining, we will have to really begin to battle with the weeds.  It’s a daunting task, that’s for sure.  
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