Scarlett Puppy Selection

Good Morning Everyone!

I’ve been MIA, but puppies have been growing and it’s time to match the Scarlett litter. Last night I posted several videos of them on FB and I’m happy to FaceTime as well today.

They are currently six weeks old and will be ready to go home November 12-18. We are not able to keep these puppies past those dates so please plan to pick up your puppy within that week.

Here is the call list for today.

I think it’s very possible that we will still have puppies once I’m through this list. It usually happens that people end up passing when I call or someone ahead of them chose the only puppy they were hoping to get. Please reach out to me via email if you’d like me to call you today if we still have puppies available after I’ve exhausted this list.

Our Facebook is Silver Paw Cavachons if you’d like to head over there to see the videos. Puppies are so cute right now! KP

2 responses to “Scarlett Puppy Selection

  1. Good morning! Thank you so much for including me on the list… I was really hoping to be able to pick the puppies up in two weeks but I am not able to swing it. I will be in touch… It doesn’t look like there is a mini boy pup anyway that would be ideal.

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