Maddie Puppy Selection

Hi Everyone!

It’s time to begin puppy selection for Maddie’s boys. I posted a video of them today on Facebook and there are a few pictures here as well.

Since they are all boys and look so similar, we will need to FaceTime if possible for the actual selection process. From what I can tell now, there is one very outgoing pup, one rather shy pup, and two in between. It’s a pretty typical bell curve litter when it comes to personalities.

They are F1 puppies from a Bichon mother and a black/tan Cavalier father. I expect them to be from 15-20 lbs as adults.

They will be ready to go home beginning Tuesday, March 9th. We would like to see them all go home between 8-9 weeks old if possible (March 9-15). After 9 weeks we do charge a fee to keep them extra weeks.

If you are on our waiting list, and are open to a solid sable male, and their going home date works for you, please fill out the following form to be considered for this litter.

I will accept names until this Thursday night, March 4, at 10pm. I will then close the form. I will post my call list Friday morning here on the blog and begin calling people at 2pm on Friday, March 5th.

Please be available for my call. If there is no answer I will move to the next person on the list, and then try calling you back. I don’t want to skip over anyone.

Here is a quick snap of each puppy.

Can you tell them apart??!!

They are all doing well, playing and exploring together! Looking forward to talking with several of you on Friday!

Kristy 🐶😊💕

Here’s the FB video

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