Sophia and Abbey Pups

Hi Everyone!

Things have settled down now and we need to begin puppy selection for the Sophia and Abbey pups.

I posted photos of both litters on IG and FB and I’ll post a quick peek here as well.

The Sophia pups are a week older and will be ready to go home after December 27th. They are both girls, a tiny blenheim, and a solid gold.

These are the names from the waiting list that said they were interested in this litter:

#45 Patricia B

#54 Susan H

#78 Helen T

#98 Kasie G

#106 Katie M

#117 Kim R

I will be calling very soon! If plans have changed and you’re not ready for a pup next week, please let me know.

Here are the Abbey pups. They will be ready after Jan 1st. They are also both girls.

The people who reached out about these pups are:

#45 Patricia B

#54 Susan H

#84 Linda R

#98 Kasie G

#106 Katie M

#110 Ying Y

#112 Holly W

#117 Kim R

We will be in touch soon.

I will be updating the waiting list today so you should see your name soon if it’s not already there. If you’d like to get on our waiting list, please send us an email and we can get the process started.

Happy Holidays!! Kristy 🐶😊💕🎄🎁

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