Thank you everyone who emailed about Rivers. He is going home today to a family who has one of our dogs and who was also on our waiting list. I appreciate all the wonderful homes that were willing to open their doors for him.

Stay tuned! I plan to post the Sophia and Abbey puppies today and will be taking names for those two litters.


Available Puppy

Hi Everyone!

Who needs a second (or third) dog??

This is River. He is a solid sable male Cavachon and he is looking for a new home.

He is full of boundless energy, does not like to be alone, and he is full of plenty of puppy mischief. He needs a home with another dog because he doesn’t like to be alone. At all. We have been working with him, and he’s much better, but I will feel most comfortable if he goes to a home that already has a dog.

He’s very sweet, people oriented, and very playful. He’s been having a ball with Maisey, but he’s now 13 weeks and he needs to be in his forever home. He is also going to be in the 18-23 lb range as an adult.

Send an email if you’re interested. Tell me how you think he will fit in with your family and your other dog, and a little about your home life schedule. He’s not the dog you can leave at home and go to work all day. I don’t think he will like that scenario very much.

Looking forward to hearing from you! silverpawcavachons@gmail.com.

PS, shipping is maybe an option.