Auto Accident

Hey Everyone!

I missed doing puppy selection yesterday for the Abbey litter because I was in an auto accident.

I’m ok, but I hit ice and ended up in the ditch. I was able to walk away with no scratches or bruises. I had the male Bichon pup with me, on my way to deliver him, and he’s ok as well. The front end of the car avoided a violent hit as you can see from the tire marks. It seems the back end was what really swung around.

When I got home I made a list of all the things I was grateful for as the Bible says to praise the Lord in all things.

*Thank you that there was no one who ran into me as I slid off the road

*Thank you that I was going decently slow when it happened

*Thank you that it’s an old icky car

*Thank you that I was able to walk away

*Thank you that the puppy is ok

*Thank you that my friend in the other accident is ok (there were 4 rollovers, within 30 minutes of each other, with a 1/8-1/4 mile stretch of road.

*Thank you my friend’s husband could give me a ride home

*Thank you that my husband wasn’t mad

*Thank you that my husband helps in these situations with the public (he’s a volunteer fire fighter and was on the scene very quickly)

So all this to say I’m taking a couple days to relax and will be in touch with those interested in the Abbey and Sophia puppies next week.