London Litter Call List

Hey Everyone,

I have a busy evening so I wanted to go ahead and get this list posted now. Here is the call list for the London puppies. I plan to call tomorrow around 4:30pm. If you’d like to talk sooner than that, you can reach out to me.

Don’t pay too much attention to my pencil marks, but if all goes as expected, all of the puppies will be matched except the blenheim girl. If there is someone on this list that wants to add blenheim female to their choices, please let me know.

I want to thank those at the end of the list for reaching out and taking the chance of getting a pup. It doesn’t look like there will be any pups left this time, but you just never know. It never hurts to try.

For those asking how long it takes, six of these people, spread all through the waiting list, are going to be matched to puppies, with all different positions on the main waiting list. It’s always a guessing game when I try to answer that question. And if nobody reaches out for the blenheim girl, then she will be matched to a brand new person just reaching out to me.

This is a fun graphic that the Google Doc Form provides. It shows me which puppies are the most popular, and which are still available (blenheim female).

Sable & white is always a favorite color, and then solid sable. All of them are going to make wonderful pets!

Can’t wait to see how this all works out!

On a side note, BOTH blenheim puppies from the Dutchess litter (scroll down to previous blog posts for their pictures and video) are still available. If you’re interested, whether or not you are on the waiting list, please send an email and we can talk about them. They are gorgeous pups with lush coats. There is one girl and one boy.

Coming up…

I’ll be posting the Allie (3 pups) & Kenzie (2 pups) litter links this week.

I’m flying a pup to Alaska! I’m so excited to visit that state!

This boy “Percy” is going north!! He’s an accelerated puppy from the Pearlie litter!

Penny delivered 5 large golden/red pups last Thursday,

Penny Pups, I think it’s 2F and 3M.

And Olivia was brought into the nursery to deliver a very fat belly of babies that are due in the next week.

Busy, busy, busy!! Happy Summer!!!

Kristy 😊💕🐶

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