Dutchess & Jack Puppy Selection

Hi Everyone,

Now that all the Fergie pups have been matched to their forever homes, we are opening up the next litters for puppy selection.

First up will be the Dutchess and Jack litter. This is the first litter from Dutchess and she had two blenheim colored puppies, a girl and a boy.

They were born May 2nd and will be ready for their new homes June 27th.

We will do litter selection this Monday, June 21st at 10am and/or I may be calling Sunday evening.

Here are some photos, a video, and the link for puppy selection.

Female right side
Female left side
Male right side
Male left side

These puppies are super playful and happy. Their coats are plush and curly. The boy is larger than the girl. I expect them to be from 14-20 lbs as adults.

Here is a quick video of them on our FB page. https://fb.watch/6cUhYpdb-G/

Transportation to SeaTac is available for this litter on June 24 for a fee.

Here is the litter link. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeDOTJyyRspQ8V-uqHSIlvGNC2WGyiKEvFdX_vzUbDEpoAJAA/viewform