Please Check the Waiting List, Plus Updates

Hi Everyone!

I need some help. We need to do a little housekeeping with the waiting list.

It is LONG. I RARELY hear from those above #50. Are you still out there? Do you still want a puppy? I know there are some that are specifically waiting for something in the future and that is ok! But is there anybody out there that already bought a pup somewhere else, and forgot to let us know? We consistently match puppies to people below #50 and it just seems interesting. Where is everyone???

Right now, this is the list (over in the right sidebar). I don’t think I’ve removed the families yet that got a Fergie pup. I also still see the family that got the male Bichon. I will get to those names and get them removed from the list since they got their pups, but it will be after the Sophia and Abbey pups get matched because I don’t want people’s numbers changing “mid-stream” if you know what I mean.

What I especially need right now is for you to let me know if you sent the waiting list fee, but don’t see your name here. If you sent the $$$, your name should definitely be on the list. Please let me know if you don’t see it.

Also, if you want to get on the list but you don’t know how to make that happen, send me an email at:

We can get the process started!!

Tomorrow I will be matching the final two puppies from the Sophia and Abbey litters. So far the golden girl from Sophia and the pup with more color from Abbey have been matched.

Thank you to everyone who follows along faithfully. I enjoy your emails and comments and it makes me happy to know that just seeing the puppies brings people so much joy!

And I want to say an especially big thank you to all of you that sent messages and notes after the car accident. I felt very loved and cared for by this greater Silver Paw family that I have.

I managed to come away with a few sore muscles but everything is pretty much back to normal. My car is a little beat up but replacing it was already on the to do list so we hope to limp through the winter in the car that flipped and then get something new to us this spring. We had our mechanic check it out and there was no damage to the engine. We have some new dents, chipped paint, and a couple broken light covers…oh, and a broken side mirror and cracked bumper, but it’s more like a few scrapes and abrasions, but no severely broken bones! From inside the car, you can’t even see any of the problem spots, except the right side mirror, which we do plan to fix!!

While it was definitely a crash, my air bags didn’t even come out so I don’t think I hit the mountainside too hard. It was a ditch where I landed and that is definitely what flopped the car over on its side.

Thankfully the roads have been clear and free of ice since that night. The only lingering irritation is that the officer issued me a speeding ticket. I was definitely not speeding and three other drivers went off the road within a 30 minute span, and 1/4 mile from my location, and two of them flipped like me (one was actually all the way up side down). It was just a really bad night to be driving.

The bichon boy rode through the excitement with me and then finally went home to his local family on the following Monday. So all is well in puppy land.

And lastly, we have two new litters with ready to go home dates in early February, so check your calendars and watch for updates about Penny and Mimi pups!

That’s all for now! Merry Christmas Eve’s eve.

Kristy 💕😊🐶

4 responses to “Please Check the Waiting List, Plus Updates

  1. Hi Kristy,

    I am #74 Nancy L (Lambert) I definitely still want a puppy. I would have loved to have gotten River but you wanted to place him with a home that has a dog already and we don’t have I dog, so I didn’t contact you about him. Ironically the family that ended up with him owns Brix, he was the Cavachon that I saw in Manson, WA. Brix is the reason I found out about Cavachons and decided to get one. It was just luck that I found Silver Paw Cavachons, I didn’t know they got Brix from you. I only met Brix’s owner once at a winery in Chelan when we were there with mutual friends. It is a small world.

    I’m glad you are ok after your accident, I think you should fight the ticket!! I appreciate your postings on colors of the puppies and how they change to different colors as adults. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas.

    Take care, Nancy Lambert


  2. oh kristy!

    your “fleshed out” account of your car wreck sounds even worse! you both were so fortunate to walk away without major injuries. so thankful!

    still want to remain on the list. hoping late spring brings a good match AND the end to covid.

    btw – annie schussler’s “dad”, don, passed away last week from cancer. he fought it gallantly for several years. some of our favorite photos are of the two of them together.

    merry christmas! i hope you get some well-earned rest over the school break.

    lili / #1

    whatever you’re not changing, you’re choosing…


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