Call List for Maddie

Hi Everyone!

The Maddie list is closed and interest came from people #69-108 on the waiting list. Again, I don’t know where my #1-50 people are, but this is just good news for the newer people on the waiting list.

Tomorrow around 1pm I will start calling people. Here is the order:

1. #69 Libby G

2. #74 Lynn A (currently pending with Buddy)

3. #75 Melissa D

4. #80 Summer K

5. #88 Holly W

6. #97 Richard M

7. #105 Maryann L

8. #108 Michael N

There were also two families that filled out the litter form without being on the waiting list. If you’d like to join the waiting list, please send us an email at and we can get the process started.

Those who will be called tomorrow, please be sure you are by your phone. I’m hoping we will get all puppies matched tomorrow afternoon. Remember I’m starting at 1pm Pacific Standard Time.

Sweet puppy dreams!


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