5 Month Old Puppy – Buddy

Hi Everyone!

We are helping a family rehome their 5 month old puppy. He has too much energy for them and they have had some struggles with the potty training. Here is some info from his current family.

“He is a Blenheim and was born on September 27, 2020. He is from Fergie & Jack.

He is up to date on his shots including his rabies shot.

He has been to the groomer where he had his teeth cleaned, his nails cut and coat washed and brushed.

Buddy sleeps all night – from 8 – 8:30 pm to 6:30 – 7:00 am  in his crate

He loves to play and be patted.  We throw balls and he goes to fetch it.

He stays at the bottom of the stairs if we go up and wait for us until we come back down.

He is not consistent with going potty outside. He will go outside first thing in the morning sometimes. Inside, he will mainly go on the “pee pad” but he will also go on the kitchen floor.

He is teething so there is a lot of chewing, shoes, furniture, etc.  

He is a high energy puppy and is constantly jumping on us and biting on our clothes. He also jumps to try and get anything on the countertop.

He plays well with other dogs.   Our son has (2) 70 lb. rescue dogs.  The family came over for a distanced visit last weekend and the dogs all played together in our backyard for a few hrs.

He currently weighs approx..14.5 LBS”

He is located in Everett, WA, and we want to find him a home that is driving distance. He is definitely still trainable and needs an active family that can handle an active pup.

If you’re on our waiting list and Buddy sounds like he could be a good fit with your family, please send me an email. Please include a phone number where I can reach you.

Here are a couple of current photos.

One response to “5 Month Old Puppy – Buddy

  1. Hi Kristy, I may be interested in Buddy. You may remember I have two—Annie and Evelyn (picture attached)—so he’d be joining a house with other dogs. Potty training is no problem—both mine still use pads and sometimes outside—and all my floors are hardwoods and doggy friendly. I have a lovely fenced yard (picture attached) . We live iin Bellingham now (used to be in Seattle) in a lovely treed area that’s great for walks, and lots of other dogs in the neighborhood. I’m retired and home with the pups 24/7. Everett is an easy drive from Bellingham. Please share with owners and let me know. Thanks! Scott Aspman 2100 D St. Bellingham, WA 98225 360.788.5220

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