Cleaning Out the Pantry

When food preparation has been neglected, it’s only natural that the Pantry organization would also be neglected.  Today I tackled the Pantry.  Well, actually, I had tackled it a few days ago, but all these bits and pieces were still in ziplock bags, waiting for their permanent homes.

There was all kinds of stuff, some of it, to be honest, I didn’t want to keep, but Daryl said he’d eat it, so I durifully put it in a jar.  I found rice crackers, rye crackers, dried onions, dried zucchini…

…dried beets, dried peaches, and some hard black beans that we grew in the garden last year.  I decided to put them all in jars, so I could easily SEE what was inside, and to be doubly sure, I added some labels.  Now, I just have to figure out how I can use these bits and pieces, and turn them into yummy food.  I don’t know about those beets.  Where in the world did they come from anyway??? 🙂

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