Carob Drink and Raspberry Syrup

Carob.  It is definitely NOT chocolate.  Not even close.  It has a flavor all it’s own, and most of the time, it’s not really my favorite.  But there is one way that our whole family loves to eat it, and that’s in a Carob Smoothie.

The recipe is simple.  Take a bunch of frozen bananas and fill your Vita Mix 3/4 full.  Then add 3-4 cups of milk (soy or rice milk is what we usually add), and 2 T of Carob Powder.  Put the lid on tight, and turn Vita Mix on high!!  This makes a nice, very thick, carob shake, and while it’s not a chocolate shake, it’s almost just as good!!

I topped this one with mint leaves from the garden and a home canned raspberry.

I talked about my raspberry syrup in a previous post.  The juice from the home canned raspberries is EXACTLY enough to fill my “Denny’s” syrup dispenser.  It feels so professional to serve syrup out of this cute little jar and I’m so excited that this non-kitchen savvy girl figured this little gem out on her own!!

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