Oops, Forgot to Water the Sprouts

Sabbath, the day I usually don’t have to do much in the kitchen.  This morning I skipped breakfast (only Daryl ate a quick bowl of cereal).  We had potluck at church, and then a picnic supper with the Pathfinder group.  I didn’t spend any time in my kitchen, which is a welcome relief, but it also means that I didn’t see my sprouters, and therefore, forgot to water my sprouts. 


One batch smelled rotton, and the newer batch smelled ok.  I went ahead and watered it tonight, so hopefully, missing one watering won’t hurt it too badly.  I am noticing that the sprouts are not doing as well as it’s getting warmer in the house overall.  I may have to set aside my sprouting during the summer and pick it back up as September rolls around. 

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