Today has not ended well. It really didn’t start that well either between me and Kaelyn. I had to pick up Darien from UCA today, since school is over for the summer, and the kids wanted to come. I didn’t really want either of them to come since it would just be a lot of driving, and reasoned with Kaelyn to have her stay home. Somehow though, Kendrick ended up coming with me, and Kaelyn and Daryl were left to fend for themselves for the day.

I gave 2 instructions to Kaelyn before I left. Do Math. Wash the dishes.

When I came home, neither were done, but she had taken a nice long horse ride with Daryl.

I’m frustrated. My house does not flow well, things are not done regularly, and even though I give instructions, they are rarely accomplished unless I stand there like a referee with a striped shirt on, overseeing their every move. They are 14 & 11. I don’t feel I should have to watch them so closely. But I’m afraid I’m paying for my inconsistency through the years.

Since Darien is home now, I have divided the daily tasks between the 3 of them and written it on the red chalkboard at the bottom of the stairs.

I called all three kids to discuss it with them and Kaelyn just starting giving me some serious attitude, asking me questions, stating the obvious, twisting things around as to make my words seem irrelevant. It makes me angry when she challenges me, and especially since she can sure turn on the sweet when she wants something with her horse, but boy can she be the opposite at times.

I don’t like that we face off like this. I’m sure it can’t really be healthy for our relationship.

My list is so BASIC.  I should not get grief from children that are privileged to own computers and iPods, when I expect them to do the bottom line basics.  I had already decided I would ban the electronics for most of the summer, and just give earned times with it in the evenings.  I’m going to have to climb out of this pit of disorganization one day at a time with these children.  I only have myself to blame.  It’s not too late though.  It’s never too late.

Another One of Those Days…

Food on the run today.  Pathetic eating habits and no meals at all.  I spent my day with the boys, picking Darien up from school, and running errands.  On the way down there, we stopped at Safeway and got cherries, pita chips, apple turnovers, and 2 ice cream bars.  Yep, we ate ice cream for breakfast.  We basically snacked on all those things through the day, and this evening I threw together a mayo, cheese, sprout sandwich on flatbread, and ate 2 veggie hot dogs with ketchup.  I have no idea what anyone else ate today, nope, not a clue.  I’m shaking my head.  This is all too familiar.  My chocolate chips are waiting along with the can of pumpkin, but the result will be more like a dessert than something really worth eating for food value.  This is the type of food lifestyle that I desperately want to change.  One day at a time.