The Kitchen Was Clean

I finally came into the house and the kitchen was clean, the kids had followed through with their assignments AND had made supper, which I hadn’t asked them to do.  I immediately felt better.  After supper we enjoyed some music together, and then I did 2 math lessons with Darien.  He lost the paper, but we did more math than necessary today, to meet our August 3rd deadline, so maybe we didn’t lose ground. 

I plan to help him with his math everyday, to try and pull his grade up.  He has failed 2 units, and if we have time, I’ll request that he be able to re-take those two tests in hopes that we can get his grade up for each unit.  I think a kid has to be pretty “mathy” to be able to read it in a book and “get it”, without additional explanation.  This kid is not “mathy”, so I will lend my help where I can.  I’m decent at Algebra, so I’ve been able to explain things in this pre-algebra course.

I finally got the pictures to load on my blog from my iPhone.  Garden pictures coming…

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