Things are Hoppin’ Around Here

Boy, have we ever been busy with all the puppies!  Pearlie Girl had her white/cream Shichon puppies last evening and night, and she is the final pregnant mom in the nursery that was waiting to have her puppies.  Everything went smoothly and the puppies are fat, warm, and cozy this morning!  I’ll open a litter page for her on the Available Puppies page soon!

The nursery is all a buzz with activity and I’m proud of each litter and the progress they are making with their potty training.  The Lilly and Princess puppies are in the Advanced stages of Litterbox training, with access to the entire 4×4 playpen.  They hit the litterbox most of the time and we’re just continuing to provide a small space to help their aim be as accurate as possible.  The Harmony and Rosie litters are in the intermediate stage of litterbox training.  They have graduated to a larger bed and have been given some floor space, so far with great success.  And Lucy’s litter has just barely begun their litterbox training.  I introduced the litterbox a few days ago, but haven’t seen either of the puppies toddle out onto it just yet.  In time, they will.  The rest of the puppies are too young, but their turn will come soon enough.

We’re busy preparing crates, setting vet appointments for Health Certificates, and lining up all the shipping and deliveries that are coming up in the next couple of weeks.  There is going to be quite a handful of families that will have a new ball of fur for the holidays! 

I’ve been out to the nursery already this morning, cleaned up everything, built the fire in the wood stove, and will go back out shortly to get Rosie’s Bichon Frise puppies.  Today they are 6 weeks old, and it’s time for their 2nd Mini Groom, Photos, and an Action Video!  Stay tuned for updated pictures on their litter page in the Available Puppies link.  Jean-Luc has a forever home, but Pierre and Sebastian are still waiting for their special families!  Maybe it will be YOU!!

Sending puppy kisses your way!  Kristy

Our Family Christmas Photo from several years ago. 

The kids are holding some of our very first ShihTzu puppies!











Available Female ShihTzu Puppies (Accelerated)

These two girls are available for adoption. They walk on a leash and do pretty well with the crate. They are also trained to the UGODOG Litterbox.

They have received 3 vaccinations and will get their Rabies vaccine before going home.

They are both very sweet and loving!

Base Price. $450
Accelerated Training. $300

Total adoption fee. $750 plus shipping.





Supervise, Supervise, Supervise – Your Puppy

I have 4 puppies in the house right now. This morning, one of them barked somewhere between 5am and 6am, so I got up because walking downstairs when I’m terribly sleepy and grumpy is less painful than cleaning up a puppy that has smeared himself in pee or poop inside the crate. It was still pitch black outside when I shuffled downstairs and began the morning routine with the puppies.

I let them all out of their crates and 2 of the ShihTzus ran right over to the UGODOG and promptly peed. Another had already peed & pooped inside the kennel (thankfully it was the one with a towel in the kennel…but probably having the towel was the reason it went ahead and peed & pooped because there was something to absorb the mess, and somehow puppies know this), so he didn’t go on the UGO because he had already gone. And the 4th puppy began to pee on the floor, but I “Hey’d” him (like Cesar Milan) and quickly picked him up and placed him on the UGO. Of course, by that time, he was distracted and forgot all about needing to pee.

I cleaned up the tinkles on the floor then sat down to watch them all like a hawk so there were no more accidents. A couple did go poop, and they all began to play, eat some food, and check each other out after the long night of being crated separately. After a few minutes I began to look around in my tiny space and see if there was anything else I could do that would make me feel like I was actually accomplishing something. I saw some white towels in the washer, so I moved them into the dryer. Then I noticed that my son was not on the couch where he had been just a few minutes before, sleeping, so I quickly stepped over the baby gate, walked a few feet, and peeked into my kids’ bedroom. He was there. I guess he wanted to sleep without listening to puppy noise and seeing a light that was on.

I was gone LESS THAN A MINUTE, to check on my kids, and when I came back, 3 of the puppies had pooped. Oh my goodness!! Two poops were on UGO, so I was actually happy about that, because at least 2 of the puppies made that choice on their own without my coaxing. Those 2 puppies had chosen the right spot to poop. But one poop was off to the side…oh well. I quickly cleaned it all up so they wouldn’t accidentally step in each other’s poop, but I was marveling at how quickly they all did their business, and when I wasn’t looking. I thought they had already gotten all their pees and poops out while I was sitting there watching them like a hawk. I guess not. And the moment they were unsupervised, was the moment they decided to use the toilet. It happened SO FAST and it seems those sneaky little buggers waited till I was gone on purpose.

The thing is, had I been gone for a full 5 minutes, I could have come back to an absolute disaster area of poop stuck on feet, tracked all over the puppy zone, and an hour-long project of giving puppy baths and mopping the bathroom would have been necessary. It would have been so easy to be distracted for just 5 minutes, but it takes much less than that for a potential disaster to occur.

The point of this story is to tell you that puppies need to be supervised at all times when they are out of their crate! It’s so easy to get distracted with something, but believe me, the minute you leave…that will be their cue to get into trouble! I cannot stress how important it is to supervise your puppy, all day long. Compartmentalize his time into chunks of playtime, crate time, potty time, eating time, walking time, etc. Set your timer if you need a reminder when it’s time to take puppy out to potty. Preventing accidents is always a lot easier than cleaning them up after the fact!

The puppies are back in their crates with bully sticks. My timer will ring in 15 minutes and it will be time to start the process all over again! And so goes my day!


“I would never pee on your floor.”

Today In The Dogs…

1. Maggie had babies.

2. Brought Lilly down to the nursery as she was big as a barn.

3. Brought Princess down to the nursery as she was big as a barn also!

4. Hurley went to the groomer.

5. Teddy II went to the groomer.

6. Male ShihTzu puppy went to the groomer.

7. Tiny female Shichon got her Health Certificate.

8. Made plane reservation for tiny Shichon to fly to Seattle tomorrow.

9. Made plane reservation for male Malshi to fly to Denver on Friday.

10. Picked up Sophie from the vet. She was spayed yesterday.

11. Picked up Tiny Tim from the vet. He was neutered yesterday.

12. Drove home with 6 puppies/dogs in my car.

13. Still need to give 8 puppy shots.

14. Still need to do the evening cleaning of the nursery.

….and this is just the dog stuff. There was school transportation, laundry, kids, and chores besides!! Thankful for the energy and health to do all this though, and thankful for the work to keep me active!


Male ShihTzu ready for his new home.

Sadie & Pookie Bear Go To The Groomers


Last November, Lilly & Pujo had a litter of Cavachon puppies.  “Sadie” was one of those puppies.  We have had her here, all this time, waiting for her to get a forever home.  I am happy to announce that she will be going home to Oregon on Sept. 11th! 

In preparation for her new home, Sadie needed a haircut!  The Cavachon coat is one that DOES need grooming, and Sadie had not been groomed at all, except for a bath here and there.  As a result, her coat was thick, wooly, and had some mats, so it was time for Sadie to see the groomers.

Here are a few “before” pictures of Sadie!


On this day, she had a “top-knot”, but not the cute kind with a bow on her head!  This was just a spontaneous “clump”! 


This is Sadie & Pookie Bear (the little guy) with Princess.  They had so much fun playing together!



Sadie, looking like a dog in a winter coat!


And this is Sadie after her haircut!  She looked so different, that when I walked into the groomers to pick her up, I saw Pookie and 2 small black dogs, and didn’t even recognize her!  One of those “small” dogs was Sadie!!



I just knew she would be grey underneath!


She’s so cute in her bows!


She still has the white patch on her chest, and a bit on her chin!


Her coat is so velvety.  It was like a carpet when vacuumed one direction, it’s one color, and then when going the other direction, the color changes. 


Sadie looks so elegant here with her paws crossed!

I’m sure that as her hair grows out again, it will get darker.  Somehow coats do that.  You’ll see with Pookie Bear’s coat below, how when it’s really short, it looks really light, but as it grows in, it gets darker again. 


Another view of the variations in color!


She is a happy girl and ready to meet her new parents!


Now, here is a picture of Pookie Bear, “before”.  We had groomed him ourselves not too long ago, so he looked pretty good already when he went to the groomers.  Notice how his coat is a nice honey brown color here.


He is such a cute boy, and small, and looking for a forever home! 


Here he is after going to the groomers! 


He looks almost cream-colored.  But I know from experience, that as his coat grows, that honey color will come back.  Pookie has been groomed several times professionally, and the color always comes back on his coat!


He’s so cute in his bandana!


He is a sweet boy, crate trained, rides in the car without getting sick, and loves going for walks!



His face actually has a bit of grey/black on it.  You can really see it in the “before” photo of him!


He loved being at the park getting his picture taken!


Available ShihTzu Puppies

These adorable babies are all still available. They’re all coming along beautifully, using the UGODOG with pretty good accuracy and consistently, and they’ve had two immunization shots. They are just loving and playful and waiting for their forever homes.

Flying With Puppies

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to travel to Seattle and deliver two puppies.  Traveling with puppies has become second nature for us here at SPK, so I thought I’d share a bit with you all about the process.

The first and foremost necessity is a crate for the puppy.  This can either be a soft type of crate, if the puppy will be traveling under the seat with you in the cabin, or a hard crate that will travel in the cargo area of the plane.  On this particular trip, I had one puppy with me in the cabin, and one puppy that flew in Cargo.

When you arrive at the airport, be sure you give yourself plenty of time to get yourself and the puppy checked in.  It generally adds an extra 20-30 minutes to get the puppy checked in at the gate, even if it is traveling with you in the cabin, so be sure to plan accordingly.  If you are flying out of state, you will most likely need a Health Certificate, issued by your vet prior to your arrival at the airport.  On this particular trip, I did not need one since the puppies were staying within the state of Washington.

If a puppy is going in cargo, the TSA people will need to meet with you before taking the puppy to be placed in the cargo area of the plane.  This is usually in a back room, and they will ask you to take your puppy out of the crate so they can check for anything that looks abnormal.  This is generally a simple process, but be ready.  If you take your puppy out of the crate at any time during your stay at the airport, people will flock to you wanting to pet your puppy.  If you don’t want anyone touching your puppy because it is too young and has not received all necessary vaccinations, be ready to sound rude.

I briefly allowed my friend’s puppy, that I was delivering on this trip, to pop it’s head out of the soft carried and a lady almost came running over when she saw it.  I did NOT want her to touch the puppy, and so before she got close enough, I said, “This puppy has not received all of it’s vaccinations yet”, thinking this would cause her to slow down and wait for my lead.  But NO, this did not happen.  Instead, she came swooping in saying, “Oh, that’s all right”, and proceeded to caress my puppy’s head, nose, mouth, running her fingers all around it’s eyes, all the while telling me about the poodle she had just visited at her relative’s home.  Acckkk.  I kept thinking, “DON’T TOUCH MY DOG”, but never did have the courage to actually say anything.

I saw another breeder once that had a cute sign taped to the kennel that basically, in a nice way said, “Don’t Touch My Puppy”, but I hadn’t taken the time to make one myself.  So, if you feel you must take your puppy out of it’s carrier, take cover in a bathroom stall or something if you don’t want airport strangers handling it.

Once you board the plane, with your carry-on puppy, you will not be allowed to take it out of the crate.  So far, this has not been an issue at all for me.  I always put a potty pad in the carrier, just in case the puppy does have an accident, and I am always armed with Baby Wipes.  The puppy may wimper or cry for a bit, but once the plane engines start, and you’re rolling down the runway, the puppy generally settles down and sleeps basically the entire trip.  This was a quick flight, but even on my trips to CA, the puppies have slept pretty much the entire time.

Once the plane lands, prepare yourself for an unhappy puppy.  When it wakes up, it will need to pee, and you will probably not have enough time to get off the plane to let it out of the crate.  This makes for an unhappy puppy that does not want to soil it’s crate, but there is generally nothing you can do but make it wait and/or have an accident in the crate.  But this is why there is a potty pad and baby wipes, so you can take care of the mess immediately.

For me, when I finally arrive, I am always greeted with eager and happy people that have anticipated this moment, sometimes for months!  These are the wonderful people that I met last weekend!


The Cavapoo I delivered for my friend Jennifer. What lovely people who had waited a year for their puppy!