He’s Off and Canada News

Well, our Denver puppy, the one intended to go to Denver, is on his way!! He’s the last Penny pup, and boy was this litter a nice one!

I also have Canada news. I have family in Ontario, Canada. My sister-in-law just shared this screen shot with me. It looks like we are all free to travel again. the following are no longer required for travel.

I know I recently had an interested family but COVID protocols were preventing travel. It looks like that is no longer an issue. So I’d like to reach out to my Canadians on the waiting list and let you know we still have four Mercedes puppies available for adoption, two gold females, the blenheim male , and the solid sable female.

We can ship the Mercedes pups to Seattle or Bellingham, or other US airports, but you have to carry the puppy across the border. Is anyone ready for a puppy!??

Kristy 🐶😊💕

Colorado and Puppy Availability Update

Hi Everyone,

After speaking with several families, we did find a forever home for our adventure traveler puppy that found himself accidentally in Colorado!


Do we get a pass for mixing them up?? Puppy on the right traveled when it should have been puppy on the left.

It’s almost like he’s saying, “No, I was the one who should have traveled!”

But traveler puppy is settling in and getting to know all his new family members!

Two of the three children in the family!
He also has a new big sister!
What a trooper with all his traveling!

A big shout out to Susan and Don, who received him and lovingly fostered him while we found him his forever home. Her actual puppy will head to CO tomorrow to begin his adventure.

Today, the last Dutchess girl is going home.

And two families will be looking at the golden puppies from the Mercedes litter. They are 10 weeks old and all ready for their new homes!

We have had a lot of people show interest in the solid sable puppy but nobody has committed yet. We also still have both golden girls available. I think we are down to the last three puppies from this litter of eight, though none have left the property yet!

It’s crazy puppy town around here right now, though after tomorrow we will have just the Mercedes eight.

Happy Autumn!!

Walla Walla, WA & Long Beach, CA

Hi Everyone,

I’m doing some traveling and am headed to Walla Walla, WA tomorrow (Sunday, July 17) and to Long Beach, CA (Wednesday, July 20th). Who is ready for a puppy?

Here is our update on which puppies are still available.

Golden Female, Missy Litter
Blenheim Female, Missy Litter
Golden Female, Dutchess Litter
Golden Male, Dutchess litter, sale pending

These puppies are all current with shots and worming and they are ready to go anytime. There will be a puppy nanny fee for travel but it could save someone a lot of time not having to come up to us.

Please call if you’re interested. 509-936-2715

One Scarlett Pup Left & Waiting List Update & New Puppies

Hi Everyone,

We have just one more pup from Scarlett’s litter. She’s the light colored blenheim, almost more of a cream colored pup. She has her health certificate and can go anytime.

She’s friendly, loving, and has a very sweet nature. She’s happy and playful too and is ready for her forever home. She’s available to anyone on or not on the waiting list.

Ready for belly rubs!
She’s on the far left here.

In other news, I’ve been pouring over the waiting list and have contacted almost everyone. I’ve discovered a LOT of people found puppies elsewhere which I’m very happy they didn’t have to wait, or they changed their mind and decided not to get a puppy. Now that I know this information I am able to remove their names and our waiting list went from 120 down to 80! Within the 80 that are still on the list I’ve actually spoken to/emailed/texted just 43 of them, so chances are high there will be others removed from the list.

This explains why I’ve been matching puppies to completely new people not on the list or people that were at the very end of the waiting list. If you have been a little apprehensive about getting on a waiting list with over 100 people, believe me, if you’re not waiting for a tri color or black and tan puppy, chances are your wait is definitely less than a year (probably less than six months) and there may be no wait at all.

As puppies are matched, I plan to cap the waiting list at 75 so it will open and close as new litters are born and matched to their families.

Also, when you are ready for a puppy, YOU NEED TO CONTACT ME!! I do not call everyone on the waiting list to ask if you’re interested (it would take days as people aren’t home, available, or take a while to respond). Simply reach out to me when you see a litter you like and the timing works into your schedule. If you’re on our waiting list, you will be prioritized in waiting list order. If you’re not on the waiting list, you will be added in the order that you contact me, after the waiting list families.

I think that’s it for now. We have new puppies that will be ready in July and I WILL be traveling to Sacramento when they are old enough to fly. I can bring two in the cabin with me July 20th. If that works into your timeline be sure to reach out about the Dutchess and Missy puppies below.

Here’s a sneak peek.

Dutchess Litter-L to R…Gold F, Gold F, Solid Sable F, Gold M, Solid Sable M
Missy Litter-(all females)…L to R-sable/white, blenheim, gold, sable/white, gold, solid sable, blenheim.

Also, we will probably have more puppies available in September. That’s all for now!!

Kristy 🐶💕😊

California Trip

Last chance for 1/2 price shipping to southern California. I am leaving Friday and puppies must get their Health Certificate tomorrow (Thursday). We have 3 puppies that could make the trip…Annie’s small red male, Lilly’s solid sable male, and an adorable purebred Bichon Frise male. I’d sure love to make a family happy with a new pup!

Shipping & Delivery

There are basically three ways you can get your Silver Paw Puppy.

You can come to our home, meet us with your vehicle, or have your puppy shipped, which can include the puppy shipping in cargo, or you flying with the puppy in the cabin.



We love when people pick up their puppy in person! We are happy to have visitors if you are willing to brave the drive out to our place! We are 320 miles from Seattle and 80 miles from Spokane! We live in the top northeast corner of Washington state, in the wilderness.

Your vehicle needs to be ready for our 2 ½ miles of gravel road in the summer, or chain worthy snow and ice in the winter! If you are coming from the Seattle area, you should plan to make it a road trip, with an overnight stay in Spokane. The next day, you can come out to our place, pick up your puppy, and make your way home. You should be well prepared for traveling with your puppy in your vehicle.



We have met many people on the road to deliver their puppy. We often will meet Seattle families in Moses Lake, and we have met people all along the route from WA to our family in California. If you plan to travel with your puppy in the car, you should be prepared with a few things.

First, you will want to have a travel crate. When we travel with the puppies, they are always in a crate. You will want to put something absorbant in the crate for the trip. This can be shredded newspaper, a potty pad, a towel, or a dog bed. Plan to have at least 1-2 fresh changes of bedding, depending on how long your trip is. You mostly want something that is easy to clean or replace if your puppy does have an accident in the crate.





I flew with Molly and Winston to CA, and met their new families at a local Arco Station. They were both prepared with a crate for their drives home.

Ideally, you will bring your UGODOG and set it up in the back of your vehicle or in the trunk. Your puppy will most likely let you know if he needs to potty, and you can quickly pull over, take him out of the crate, and set him on the UGODOG litter box.


I delivered these two puppies locally. I brought a UGODOG Litter Box and set it up in the back of my vehicle for them.


If he is less than 13 weeks old, he has not had all of his shots and he is NOT SAFE from puppy diseases. We do not want your puppy to pick up anything on his trip home, so he must eliminate inside of your vehicle. Having the UGODOG Litter Box will make this process the easiest because your puppy is familiar with this as his toilet. If you do not have a UGODOG, then you must have some potty pads for this purpose.

You will also want to have some baby wipes, paper towels, an extra bath towel, and a water dish for your puppy. We like having a small stainless steel crate cup attached inside the door of the crate. This is very handy for traveling as you can use it for food or water. We usually don’t recommend that you feed your puppy until you get home, but you can offer him a small drink of water.



We use Alaska Airlines to ship your puppy.

Please check the Alaska Airlines Destinations Page to let us know which airport is closest to your home. Most of the puppies will ship out of Spokane, WA, and route through Seattle, WA, and on to their final destination. For some puppies going to the East Coast, we are unable to make the connection in Seattle, and this requires us to drive to Seattle with your puppy. In a very few cases, we will consider using a different airline if the Alaska Airlines Destination is more than 3 hours from your home. We will discuss these details when appropriate. We have found Alaska Airlines to be safe and reliable, and competetively priced.

Your puppy will come in a Petmate Travel Crate that is bolted on each corner. There will be a very small food/water dish attached to the inside of the crate door. The puppy will travel on shredded paper and will have a small fleece throw with the smells of home to snuggle in. You will want to bring something to put inside the crate once your puppy arrives. He may have eliminated in the paper and you will want to clean that out before driving home. Remember to hold the puppy and do not put him down on the ground at the airport, or anywhere else while you freshen up his crate.


A well marked crate with bolts and zip ties for extra safety.

On the top of the crate, you will find a ziplock bag taped with packing tape. This will have your puppy’s food and the Lupine Collar & Leash. There will also be a large envelope taped to the outside of the crate which will have your puppy’s Health Certificate, Shot Record, and any other paperwork, including paperwork from Alaska Airlines.



Dropping off my puppy in Spokane

The puppies have to be checked in at the airport two hours prior to the plane taking off. They are checked by TSA and then loaded onto the airplane shortly before it takes off. Alaska Airlines has a special cargo hold for the animals. This space is heated or cooled the same as the passenger cabin, the only difference is that once the doors are closed, there are no lights on.

Here is a video I took while traveling with two puppies. This was during our transfer in Portland. I thought things went very smoothly getting them off the plane!

Once your puppy has landed, it will usually take 30 minutes to 1 hour to get him off the plane. Depending on the airport, you may pick up your puppy at the ticket counter, or more likely, you will be picking him up at the cargo facility for Alaska Airlines. You will have already received the Airway Bill Number, and the telephone number to call to get details about picking up your puppy. They will require a photo I.D. and the Airway Bill Number before they will release the puppy to you.

You can take your puppy out of the crate to freshen it up, give him hugs, and receive his puppy kisses!

These are puppies that I purchased and picked up in Spokane. They were happy when they arrived, tails wagging, bodies wiggling!




We have had several families that chose to fly into Spokane so their puppy could ride back with them in the cabin. We are happy to meet you at the airport to make this happen. It is often a two day adventure, flying in one day, staying in a local hotel, and then flying back the next day with the puppy. In some cases, families have been able to do both legs of the trip on the same day.

You should make arrangements with your airlines to have a pet in the cabin. There is a fee for this service. Your puppy will need to be in a soft sided crate that will fit under the seat in front of you. You will want to have a potty pad inside the crate in case your puppy needs to eliminate during the trip. They will not allow you to take the puppy out of the crate while on the airplane.

I have flown with puppies in the cabin several times and it has always gone smoothly. They generally curl up and sleep the entire trip until the plane lands. This usually wakes the puppy up, and he will need to go potty. This is the toughest part of the trip because you will not be able to let him out of his carrier. He may be noisy until he finally does his business. You will want to have extra potty pads and baby wipes to clean up any messes. It’s handy to bring a plastic grocery bag for quick disposal as well. You should have a UGODOG in your vehicle for your drive home, and refer to the section above about driving with your puppy.