A Post For Karyn

This post is for Karyn to see the different female black puppies! Enjoy and let me know your thoughts!

Black & White girl from Sadie’s litter.



Little Black Girl from Lilly’s litter.




The other black/white female from Sadie’s litter.



Video of just the little black girl!

Karyn, please give me a call so we can talk in detail about each puppy, expected adult weight, etc.


2 responses to “A Post For Karyn

  1. im not karen but i love your puppies! i wish i could afford to come up there and get one! i read all your posts and enjoy each and every one…and your new home is beautiful. i love the black and white puppies! thanks for your posts, cathy

  2. Aren’t they beautiful – each and every one. Best wishes Karyn. You’ll be so happy you have a Cavachon. I know we are!!

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