A Post For Karyn

This post is for Karyn to see the different female black puppies! Enjoy and let me know your thoughts!

Black & White girl from Sadie’s litter.



Little Black Girl from Lilly’s litter.




The other black/white female from Sadie’s litter.



Video of just the little black girl!

Karyn, please give me a call so we can talk in detail about each puppy, expected adult weight, etc.


Accelerated Puppies

We have 3 amazing puppies that are only getting better with time.


Redford, golden boy, in the pink bed. Annie & Randy, smooth coat Blenheim girl & boy, in the red bed.

Do you want a puppy that sleeps through the night?

Do you want a puppy that is fully vaccinated?

Do you want a puppy that has mastered a doggie door?

Do you want a puppy that is crate trained?

Do you want a puppy that uses a litter box?

Do you want a puppy that does not shed?

Do you want an outgoing puppy?

Do you want a quiet puppy?

Look no further! We have been working with these three puppies and they are a delight to have around!

They are Accelerated. They are almost potty trained! They are amazing and fun and cute and silly and cuddly!

Someone is going to be thrilled when one of these puppies joins the family. Is that someone you??

Forgotten Post

I found this draft of a post and have no idea where I was going with it. I think the pictures were to show a bit of the…


New changes, no more carpet and a hard surface floor instead…


Temporary horse containment, until The Woodman builds a nice fence for them to have space to run!…


Kids helping keep the orphan litter alive during and after our move in August…


And a quick Happy Birthday to The Woodman back in September.

Things were a whirlwind three months ago. I’m thankful things have settled into a basic routine and my days are generally happy!

The Basement

We have some organizing to do in this basement. I had no idea how much food we had until we had to pack it all up and move it. We had a beautiful cold storage/pantry in our other house with custom shelving that The Woodman built. Now we have to start from scratch again.

We have 4 unfinished book shelves that had homeschool materials on them. It seems like a good idea to repurpose them as canning jar shelves.

So the process begins. The Woodman got started a few days ago.



Things were starting to take shape…


Until another load of canning jars and supplies came down from the other house.


I’m not sure if this is everything yet, but I think we are getting pretty close!