Retired Breeders

Friday I rehomed 6 of our beloved breeder dogs and officially retired them from our breeding program. I took a last photo of each dog. The new owners shared a few things.


Vanna, large Bichon female…larger than life, happy, and friendly.


Mosely, Bichon male. “He’s a hoot! He tries to guard his space some, but immediately submits if he is called on it”!



Harmony & R.B., female and male Shihtzus…like frolicking puppies!


Sebastian, male Shihtzu. I just have to say that because he was not even 2 years old, it was very difficult to let him go. He made my Shichon puppies. “He’s like Eyeore, but he’s pulling at my heart strings”!!


Molly, Tri female Cavalier…she’s adjusting well and making herself right at home.

Many of you have puppies from these wonderful parents! Know that they are all in great homes and being spoiled rotton (in a good way, of course)!!

We are almost done with our kennel reduction project. We have 6 more adults, 2 female ShihTzu, 1 female Bichon, and 3 male Bichons that are still looking for their forever homes.

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