Shichons Going Home

Our last two male Shichon puppies have found their forever homes and will be heading there this weekend. We still have 3 females that I will picture soon.

These are our last Shichon puppies. We are rehoming their father this weekend as we plan to focus exclusively on Cavachon puppies. It seems bitter sweet to me. I do love the Shichon puppies as well, but we are better known for the Cavachon puppies, and receive many more inquiries each week for Cavachons.

I am looking forward to the simplicity of dealing with just one available breed, and being able to focus our efforts on producing happy and healthy Cavachons. For everyone with a Shichon, you are still part of the SPK family and we want to hear about your puppies and how they are doing.

Here are the boys from Chelsea’s litter. They are so handsome!!





Candid Playtime

We’re just hanging out in the kitchen. It seems the Blenheim puppies were more interested in the camera this evening.


Solid Sable female from the Daisychon litter. She is going home this weekend to live with Shannon in New York State!


The Rosie blenheim female.


The Princess blenheim females


The sable/white females. They were a little apprehensive about the camera.

Be sure to check the YouTube channel. There are a couple new videos of them all playing.