Available Cavachons – Molly & Teddy II’s Babies

UPDATE 10-29-11

Molly’s babies are 5 weeks old and all of them are available for deposit. These are all girls, one sable/white and two Blenheim. If you look carefully at the Blenheim babies, one has more of a Bichon face, and one has a more cavalier face. They are all growing nicely and learning to use the UGODOG.


2 Blenheim girls and 1 sable/white girl!


This is the blenheim girl with a more Cavalier look to her face.


This is the blenheim girl with a more Bichon look to her face! See the difference?

Here is a video of these girls, playing in the outdoor play yard! Enjoy!

UPDATE 10-11-11

Molly had 4 Cavachon puppies, but one is being raised by Maggie because he was so huge! These are the three girls, 2 blenheim and 1 sable/white. They will be 3 weeks old on October 14th. We are accepting deposits on this litter.






UPDATE 11-15-11

Molly’s puppies are 7 1/2 weeks old and rambunctious and playful!! Still working on the UGODOG training and holding and cuddling them all daily!!

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