Blessed With Friends

I just got home from an amazing 8 days in warm, sunny CA. I got to see lots of old friends, some new friends, and a surprise friend.

There is one thing for certain in this world for me. I have been blessed with friends!!


New Friend – Cyndie…Vivacious, energetic, positive!  She bought Winston who is fitting in beautifully with their family and other 2 dogs!



Forever Friend – My Mom!…Patient, Loving, Thoughtful!  My strong pillar in this world.



Surprise Friend – Lorene…Church member from Exeter, who now lives near my mom!  Such fun to catch up on all the mutual people we both knew!  Didn’t know I was going to see her!



New Friend – Carolyn…Bought Molly.  Gentle, Classy, Soft Spoken.  I haven’t heard anything, so I hope Molly is fitting in well with their family!



Old Friend – Michelle…Inspiring, , Passionate, Well read.  Miss Michelle and their entire family a lot!



Old Friend – Jeannine…Spontaneous, Adventuresome, FUN!  So good to see her after 16 years, hear her familiar laugh, and meet her children!  Shared so many good times so many years ago!  Have so many great memories!



Old Friend – Jill…My best bud from High School days!  Played flute and piccolo together.  Both of us are “curly girls”, but she’s cheating now and wearing a straight style!  Can’t wait to go snow skiing with her someday!



Old Friend – Todd…The groom at the wedding I attended.  Encouraging, funny, refreshing!  What an honor to attend his wedding and meet his new bride!



Old Friend – Kathy…Another one of my besties, but from College days!  Loyal, Listener, Trustworthy, Comrade!  So much in common with this girl!  Miss her dearly!



Old Friend – Helena…Kindred Spirit, Heartfelt, Beautiful!  Oh my, I taught this girl gymnastics and she was one of my very best students.  I hadn’t seen her since she was 12 years old and in the 6th grade!  What an amazing time reminiscing about gymnastics, school, and sharing an evening together!  From little girl to beautiful woman.  Just an amazing experience to see her after all these years!



New Friend – Eva…Fellow Dog breeder, Gentle Spirit, Christian Role Model.  So happy to see all of Eva’s dogs, share a meal in her home, and talk about our businesses together!  Can’t wait to Accelerate one of her puppies someday!



My mom again.  So sad to say goodbye and have to head home.  What a joy to share all of these experiences with all of these people!  So refreshing to have a change of pace!  It went by too fast!

Available Shichon Male

This boy is still available and he just turned 12 weeks old. He is current on all shots and worming and is ready for his new home. He uses the UGODOG with very good accuracy and he is very sweet.

Adoption Fee $750


He has a nice symmetrical face!



He appears to be black & white, but he is actually a very dark brown & white!



He’s got a great coat of hair!



He’s a ball of fluff waiting to romp around in your home and heart!



So cute!


Available Cavachons – Maggie & Ricky’s Babies

UPDATE 10-29-11

Maggies babies are 4 weeks old now. They are getting active and playful with each other. “Tank” from Molly’s litter is just part of the family. He is sold to Marilyn E.

Enjoy the updated photos of the two apricot girls and the solid sable boy, and “Tank”.


Maggie’s babies.  Male in the middle.


The females are a light apricot color, which may lighten as they get older.


I could call the girls a “honey” color, or light apricot!  The sable boy has stunning markings as well!


A better look at the girl on the left.


A little different lighting, and Tank joined this photo!


“Tank”, deposit received from Marilyn E.  He loves his adopted family!

UPDATE 10-11-11

Here is a quick look at the new babies. I’ll add more info once I’m home at my regular computer.


Maggie’s 3 babies plus “Tank”, the blenheim male from Molly’s litter because he was so much bigger than his littermates.


There is 1 solid sable male, 2 honey or light apricot females, and “Tank”!


Face shot of the solid sable male.


So sweet when they’re sleeping!



Maggie & Ricky’s babies.  Ricky is a Heart Certified Cavalier King Charles male.


A little row of hot dogs!

Winter is Coming

We’re getting a heavy frost each night now.

We have a fire in each wood stove now.

We dress in layers now.

Winter is coming and things are happening around here so we will be prepared.


The Woodman has been busy getting wood.  I think this is his favorite time of the year.  He’s made friends with a neighbor that owns thousands of acres, and has permission to get any downed logs.  I think he even got permission to cut a few trees down here and there as well.  I don’t think anything would have made him much happier. 


This is the view out my living room windows.  These are fairly massive piles of logs.  There is still a lot of work to do before this wood can be burned in the wood stoves!


The horses are waiting for their breakfast.  They make just the perfect couple, Shinanigan and Slick.  They are exactly the same color, but Shinanigan is prettier and flashier, and that’s the way it should be.


This is the view of the log pile just outside the back door.  The second pile is directly behind this one, and the third log pile is still on the trailer.


This is the view just outside my front door.  Wood is a very important resource right now, and for the next 6-7 months. 


This is the little roof over the wood outside the front door.  It’s covered with frost this morning, as is the garden.  The fall colors are beautiful right now as well!  We took out the square foot garden boxes that were in the garden.  If somebody wants 8 beautiful 4 x 4 boxes, just let me know!


We are officially putting the garden to “sleep” this year.  The Woodman has been hauling horse manure up from the pasture and spreading it all over the garden.  I guess he has big plans for next spring.  I have some big plans too.


The sunflowers are drying over the garden fence.  I’m not sure they were mature enough, but perhaps there will be something for the birds to enjoy!


The fall colors are peeking out all over the place.  I love this time of year!


My feet were frozen when I got back into the house this morning.  It’s pretty easy to tell which footprint I left on the front porch!

Let’s Remember a Bit of Summertime

My mind is preparing for winter. There is nothing I can do to hold it back. Like it or not, it will happen, and according to weather experts, it sounds like it could be one with more snow than usual.

I was looking through my phone today and found these photos.  This was a fun evening.  Shinanigan had her first experience in the lake and she didn’t love it, but didn’t hate it either.  Kaelyn had a great time trying to get her to go deep enough in the water so she would be forced to swim.  Each time Shinanigan got deep enough to need to swim, she would turn toward shore, and bounce back onto the beach, with Kaelyn hanging onto her mane for dear life! 

We all enjoyed watching the show and finally, watching the sunset.








Pepper is One Year Old!

M shared this photo of her Shichon, Pepper, today on the Silver Paw Kennels Facebook page. I wanted to share it here to show people how Shichons often fade as they get older, unless they were black & white to begin with.

Here is Pepper as a one year old dog, and the insert is what he looked like as a young puppy! I think he is gorgeous now, but he sure did lighten up!


Sophie Goes Home

Sophie, our 4th Accelerated Puppy went home last Sunday. She is adjusting well and learning the ropes in her new home. Here are a couple of updates.

Sophie Made It

Well we didn’t hear a peep out of Sophie during the whole 8 hour trip back to P. We stopped about 4 times to get out and walk a bit and she did great. Right now she is resting next to me in the kitchen after getting a walk around the neighborhood and then given a tour of her new home. I am so glad you trained her to walk on the leash properly – what a joy to have her stop when I stop and to wait when I ask her too.


Sophie is doing much better with the grandchildren today. They came over for a visit and she followed them around and hung around while the kids played but jumped back if they make any quick movements. She startles easily even with me with so I don’t know if that will be a longterm thing or if she is still getting used to us. I’m going to take her to a small dog “play group” at a local dog training center and see how she does. Tomorrow we are off to the vet.

It does take some time for a young dog to make the transition. But overall, it sounds like Sophie is getting used to her new home!