Abby – Available Accelerated Cavachon Puppy


Abby is Tiny Tim’s partner in crime!  Her personality is very similar to his, outgoing, mischevious, playful, and very energetic!  When Tim was out, so was Abby, but both stayed close to home and greeted us with tail wags and kisses when we pulled into the driveway!



She is just a little bitty thing as well, around 7-8 lbs, and would be a great pup for someone who travels frequently.



Her ears aren’t quite as long as Maddie’s, but they are still sweet and silky.







Abby will also be spayed before going home.  She is a champ on the leash, and is also crate trained.

Adoption Fee $1500

Maddie – Available Accelerated Cavachon


If I had to use just one word to describe this girl, it would be “gentle”, but the word “sweet” would be a very close second.  This puppy is probably going to be the ultimate lap dog for someone.  She is content to be in your arms, and while the other puppies are playing their hearts out, she’d rather watch, or be close to you.

She is 100% puppy still, and does enter into the fun, but she is not the main initiator of it, and sometimes she just stays out of the way when Tiny Tim and Abby (next blog post) get into the rough and tumble play.


She is gentle and loving, and a tiny little thing at just over 7 lbs last time she was weighed.


She got one of those killer haircuts as well.  There is a picture at the end of what she looked like “before”.



Her ears and long and wispy, just giving her such a soft and loving look when you see her face!




If you like hair, just let hers grow out!  She’ll be a mop before you know it!

Maddie loves her walks on the leash and does pretty well traveling in the car.  She is crate trained and is just waiting for her forever home.

Maddie will be spayed before going home.

Adoption Fee $1500

Tiny Tim – Available Accelerated Cavachon

Tiny Tim has reached several milestones and he is ready for his new home.


This boy is incredibly inquisitive, willing to explore, and he’s smart.  He’s figured out how to get out of the x-pen several times, and we’ve come home to find him just sitting on the front porch waiting for us.  He is very friendly, playful, and full of energy!


His name is “Tiny Tim” because he is tiny, at just 5 lbs, 2 oz the last time he was weighed.  He would be perfect for traveling under the seat of an airplane due to his small size.


I”m sorry this isn’t a better photo, but as we were taking a potty break, this gal passed us by, pushing another gal (my guess is that she had Downs Syndrome) in this wheelchair.  They stopped and wanted to see Tiny Tim.  I picked him up and the gal in the wheelchair could speak and pet him.  Tiny Tim was not phased at all by her movements and it just struck me that he would probably be a great candidate for a therapy dog.  I wish I would have gotten a picture of Tim with the gal, but it all happened so fast, and before I knew it, they were heading on their way.


We recently did go to the groomer as his coat was matted and dirty from living in the country.  If you prefer a longer coat, here is what he looked like before his haircut!


This boy is ready to be someone’s right hand man!  He loves to take walks, can ride in the car without getting sick (most of the time), and will let us know when he needs out of his crate.  He has already been neutered as well.

 He was born in February, so he is 8 months old.  Please contact us if you are interested in Tiny Tim.

Adoption Fee $1500